Exciting news !! & Little holiday to Mornington

Wow!! I have some pretty exciting news!! I am now the newest Scrap Patch DT member!! I am so excited!!! I really never thought I would be lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of a DT, so I am very wrapped!!! Plus the girls at Scrap Patch are just lovely, and I have a fantastic time at their Scrap Retreats!! I was really proud of my DT entry, here it is....

Well I thought I would write a little bit about my trip with Mandy and the little girls to Mornington. We stayed from Tues to Fri (which was a nice long break from everything) and scrapped our hearts out. It is fantastic at the van because it is really a family park so the two girls just went and played with the other children at the park, leaving Mandy and I to scrapbook.

On the way to Mornington, on the Tues we called into Paper2 in Mornington. Wow....is that store huge. I actually found it overwhelming as it was soo big, and began to get a headache by the end of it. It wasn't that the store had things I had never seen before, because it didnt really. But it did have everything in the one store, which is very rare, unless it is a net based shop. I didnt really buy anything exciting, I got a few more papers (like I need anymore!) and lots of lettering (stickers, rub ons, etc). One thing I was soo excited about was they had lovely chipboard words there for $2.50, words like love, adore, soulmate, baby, etc. The words are made by an aussie company Stuff2Scrap, and I am hoping I can get my LSS in Geelong to stock up on them. I find I will only buy the scrap FX words if I really really love them as they are a lot more pricey.
When we got to Mandy's van we basically started scrapping right away!! Was just fantastic and for some reason I was more inspired than usual. And surprisingly enough, so was Mandy!! From the Tues to the Thur we hardly ever left the van, only to go grocery or scrap shopping...it was so nice to relax and not think about school and work I need to do for next term.

Not sure of plans for the weekend with the footy final and all that. Have to really get stuck into my VIT Registration real soon!! :( Hopefully I get that out the way so I can spend Sunday scrapping.

Will post again soon.....*Raquel*

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