The School Holidays!! Bring on some scrapping!

School Holiday Time = More scrapping!! AND Shopping!! & TIME!!

Spent yesterday making a mini album for my darling aunty (will post pics after I give it to her) and finished off my DT layout entry for
The Scrap Patch. Don't ask me why I am bothering applying for DT's when I have never even subbed to mags before....not even sure I stand a chance if that is the case.

I have vowed to sub some of my recent layouts over the holidays, hopefully I keep that promise.

Been on net heaps looking at blogs, I'm ADDICTED!! Its amazing how much you can learn about someone, its like you really know them! haha.

The layouts below are from a recent DT position I tried for and was shortlisted but not successful :( I think I might try including these in my subbing spree over the holidays! haha

I'll try to take some photos of my recent creations to have a cofee with Carmen, and go shopping.

Take Care * Raquel*

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fiona Leehane said...

Hey Chick,
Good luck with the DT entry for SP...those guys are *awesome*...
You should sub!!! your layouts are beautiful....and with you on the school holiday thing:)