Some layouts from the last two weeks....

More layouts from the last two weeks.
I'm really proud of my scrapping lately and have not been stressing as much when I am scrapping (which used to result in pages taking me hours and hours). Now I am doing things quicker and have been happier with the results. For example, my 'you and me' layout was one that I actually painted the blackground cs, both the edges and around the striped pp. This is not something I would have done before.

* I really had fun with this layout and was thinking I might sub it to one of the mags, I think I read a recent "Geometric Shapes" call in one of the mags. Not sure, will have to do a search.
I still want to post my layouts from Mandy and I's scrapping frenzy....will do that tomorrow most likely. Mandy is so inspired lately to the point where she messaged me this morning and was scrapping at 9.30!! Thats definately new for her.
Well I will post again tomorrow with my newest layouts

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