Back to school.....

Well the first week back at school was nice, I was actually missing the kids too, so it was great to see them all again. So much to do and cover during the next 5 weeks before reports are written!! I'll be running around like a headless chook at school for a while.

I have found I am making a conscious effort to have lots of ME time lately. I really tried this week not to spend hours and hours at school after the kids had left. Now I am not quite sure if I succeeded because it is only the first week back, or if it is because I actually can leave at a decent hour becuase the whole classroom wont fall apart if I am not there!! haha....hmm not sure yet. Anyway back to scrapping! I found myself scrapping sun, mon, tues and wed night this week!! That is a hige effort for me. I completed 3 Everyday Moments comp layouts, 1 double layout and one layout for the Embellished Idol competition. Which I found out this morning I am into Round 3!!! I cant wait to do round 3, the topic is minimalist. Not sure how I will go doing this style myself but I love seeing other peoples minimalist pages.

Well I ended up applying for the Little Scrapbook Shop Dt, we find out at some stage tonight. But I am sure there is a lot of talented people applying so I have not gotten my hopes up!!

Also wanted to congratulate someone (names are not being disclosed on the site) for making it through to the third round on Scrapboxx Search for a DT member (You know who you are :) ) I can spot your layouts anywhere!! haha. Well done!!

Well I am off to make a card for a friends bday....I'm leave you with my recent double layout... I will have to make a separate post for my EDM layouts

Take Care
Raquel xoxox

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