Dylan Hartung scrapping fundraiser

Well myself, Carmen and my aunty had a fantastic weekend in mornington. The fundraiser for Dylan was very sucessful with just over $10,000 being raised!! Still cannot believe that is how much was raised, its quite a large amount considering there was only just over 100 people there. The friday night we just spent relaxing and getting our things organised for the fundraiser. At the fundraiser I finished one page (you can see attached to the post), and just spend the rest of the time chatting and watching everyone else, haha. There was too much to see I could not sit long enough to actually scrap.

After the fundraiser we headed over to Paper2 in mornington, I am always blown away by the size when I go there. We ended up doing the 7pm - midnight super crop and had a good time as we were able to shop if we needed to there. At midnight we headed back to Mandys van and scrapped til 5am!!! I spend that time scrapping on the wooden letters. I did a c and r and then began ones for our house, saying H O M E.....so they should be nice when they are done

Have not done much else since then, work was crazy and I had a mini-breakdown at the start of the week (I dont think being mega tired helped!) and are still feeling tired from wearing myself out then. So I dont think I will be up to much, recouperating, and cleaning this house!!!

I was chosen as one of three Wildcard entries at Embellished, I was bummed to get out so quickly and was happy when the DT chose me to have another go. You can find my new entry here.....we had to use beading of some sort and stitching. I am happy with it, and I think it prob reflects the way I felt at the start of the week :)

Well I payed my deposit for the Scrap Patch retreat in early March next year. It is right around the time of my birthday so it should be a nice weekend, I always have a ball at them!!

Well I am gonna leave now cos I only have 1/2 an hour to get ready to go out for tea....
Take Care


Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Raquel
I got your blog addy from Embellished..You definately sounded like you had a great time.
Love your layout to by the way
Have a great day

Charmane said...

Hey Raquel
Hope you are feeling ok after your MINI breakdown! Loved your layout you did at Dylan's Fundraiser - you left early? I wanted to chat some more! Hope to *see* you around the forums! You should pop in to visit at Zig Zag? It's a small group but very friendly and welcoming! Take Care and hope to chat soon! Love Charmane

fiona Leehane said...

hey Raquel....soooo *cool* you are going to the retreat in March:)
We will be able to catch up...*fiona*