Another Scrap Patch layout

Well life is quite busy at the moment, and I am really trying to make sure I have time to scrap, but its not really happening :(

School at this time of the year seems to be crazily demanding. For one, I have a presentation to a board of colleagues next week, so they can determine if I will be a registered teacher (I'm a P plater teacher now haha). So I said I would do a powerpoint (they havent had anyone at my school do them for this purpose before) but I have not even started that yet!!! And secondly, reports!! using the new a-e system, very full on I must say! Soo my scrapping is becoming less and less at the moment, but its all good.

It was Clint and I's 4 year anniversary last night and we went out for tea at the restaurant we went to on our first date. It was nice but he was a bit disappointed cos earlier yesterday morning he booked us in for tea there thinking it would be a nice surprise, and then an hour later I messaged him suggesting we go there for tea. So I wrecked it !! We must have been thinking on the same wave length (haha scary!!)

Carmen and I are soo excited because Karens Scrapping Kupboard had the chipboard words from Stuff to Scrap there for $1.65!! What a bargain!! So we put an order through together, and I will get to get them from the post office tomorrow! You will be seeing them more and more in my pages now :)

The other night at my lss, I completed a page the
Scrap Patch. I have been really letting loose with my scrapping style lately I am not sure if I like it or not yet though....I'll have to see. This was a page about my first car 'Burley' who is currently sitting out the front of my house with a For Sale sticker on it, but no-one seems to want her :( She is the best really!!!)

Well I am hoping to get some stuff done for a dt I am going to have a go for....I think I may run out of time though.
I have not had any luck so far subbing, but I have only subbed bout 8 pages in total to a few different mags. I guess I will just have to be patient, maybe I have not quite got that something extra they are looking for, hmm...not sure.

Well I best be off cos we are going out for tea with friends.
Will hopefully update again soon.


fiona leehane said...

Sometimes scrapping is just not as important as other things, but that's ok, cause it will be there when you get back:)....*fiona*

Charmane said...

Hi Raquel!

Sounds like you're BUSY BUSY with all that school reporting - good luck with your powerpoint presentation! Sure you will be fine!!!! And Congrats on your anniversary and I think it's a good thing you both thought of doing the same thing - my partner & I do that all the time!!! Anyway, hope you get some time for scrapping SOMEWHERE in your busy schedule - Love you first car layout - VERY FUNKY!!!! Take Care Charmane

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck with the pwoer point presentation- been there, done that, lol. Just take a deep breath and dive in- make them remember it! Hopefully soon you'll have time to scrap...

Kelley said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Clint!!
LOVE that LO - It is awesome!! Wish i had pics like that of my first car!!!

fiona Leehane said...

You need to blog:)