Long time since I've posted.....

I have been a very bad blogger....I know, I know.....but guess what??? Im on school holidays!! Yeah!! Which hopefully means I will be a good blogger from now on :)

Well....where do I start?

School - The year finished quickly. I was soo sad to leave my first ever class and found the end of the year pretty hard. I had the most amazing bunch of kids this year. Reports went out easily with no hassles and my presentation to the 4 members of school staff went well. It went so well that I was asked to present my powerpoint to the whole staff (which was quite an honour, and had not been done by a graduate before) so I was very happy although nervous, but that went fine too! :) So now I am officially a registered teacher!! Yea!!! I met my kids for next year, I have a few challenges infront of me, but I am hoping the experience I gained this year will allow the year to run more smoothly, and hopefuly less stressful. But we will see! My aim is to spend less time at school next year, as I really felt like I lived there this year.

Christmas - Well Christmas has come and gone quickly....we make such a fuss over christmas and then it is over so quickly! I made some gorgeous calendars for a few of the teachers at school who have given me support this year.

I made 3 of them they all had a similar design (egL the flower template and quote) But each of them had different pp, and I chose the quotes appropriate to the teachers.

Spent most of Dec once school finished catching up with friends and family to celebrate the festive season. Was so nice to relax and spen time with everyone.

I was spoiled for christmas and off Clint I got a curler, watch and are waiting on a new sewing machine with a trolley and all !!! (its on order). Mum said she will get me a storage trolley thingy for my scrapping supplies. And Dad said he will pay the remainder of the Scrap Patch Retreat!! I feel very lucky!!

Scrapping - Well I scrapped for me for the first time in ages tonight. Well sorta for me, it is for the Dec 1,2,3 Challenge that Charmane is running. Follow the link to her blog in the sidebar and you can read about it there. I will post a direct link shortly to my entry. My brother got a new dog for christmas and it is so cure, her name is Candy and she is a Maltese/Shitzu cross Pug. She is just adorable.

Well it is just on midnight and I have to get up and get organised to go camping in Echuca in the morning. I am a bit scared because it is 'proper' camping, so I may come back in pieces!! haha. We are going for New Years so I will be back on the blogger after that!!

I hope everyone has a great year, its time to think of some resolutions!!! I will post mine in the new year.

Raquel xoxox


Tara said...

Found your blog from little scrapbook shop... *hi*

Anonymous said...

My first visit too :) Lovin' your work - after a quick blog scroll! See you @ LSBS :)