Some exciting news from me!!!!!

Well I have some news and I think it is very exciting!! Starting around February I will be teaching scrapbooking classes at 'Inside Stories' a Scrapbooking store in East Geelong. I am so excited and are looking forward to this experience.

At the moment I am working on two pages. One page is for 'Techniques' and will be focusing on Altering chipboard and using circles on the layout. The second one is for 'Embellishments' and will focus using ribbons and brads providing participants with another way to use them. I am very excited and hope that people taking the classes can learn some new techniques in scrapbooking. So.....thats my news....I will post more information when I have more :)

Some more things.......A new layout for the Scrap Patch. Here it is, it is a gorgeous piccie of my cousin Mickayla taken by 'Unposed Kids'. My style of scrapping is quite simple at the moment but I am loving how my pages are turning out.

I am starting to count down the days til the Scrap Patch retreat. We (Mandy and I) are going the first weekend in March, the Friday 'til the Sunday!! Yea!! It should be great fun and I can't wait to catch up with the great bunch of girls who go!!

Another layout......I thought I would finally post a layout I did at my first 'online class' taught by Karen Ridgeway. I had a ball and nearly completed the page in the duration of the class, thats a record!! It was part of her 'All about Me' series. I love doing 'Book of Me' pages so this was great. I think it is very important for us to document about our lives in this way so when our grandchildren and great grandchildren read our albums they get an idea of the type of person we are/were. I think this is special. I find when I am looking back on photos of my grandparents I never knew anything about them or their lives in the past. I want my future family to know about me.

Well so far I have not done much at all over the school holidays. I have spent too much time on the net, I know that for sure :)

On Saturday Carmen, my brother and I drove to Bendigo. Dad has a yearly holiday in Denilliquin (SP?) and I told dad to help him out that I would take Josh half way saving him time to drive all the way back to Geelong to get him . This gave Carmen and I the chance to visit the scrapbooking shops in Bendigo. Well our last shop we visited was fantastic!!! It was called Scrapbooking and Craft (I have linked it in my sidebar). And the reason it was fantastic was because it had some absolute bargains. The lady in the shop told us they order from asian suppliers overseas in bulk and had items that are similar/if not the same, of the popular Scrapbooking Brands. For example, we each brought two sets of chipboard alphas with the inside and outside templates (like MM Poolside) for $2 a pack. That was for an entire alpha set. Or rhinestone brads in multi colours, for $2.50 a pack (Compared to $8 or $9 a pack for SEI or MM ones). I also brought a ribbon pack similar to American Crafts ranges for $4.95, that works out to under 70cents per 1.2 metres. Can you tell I was excited!! So thats my bargain buys for the week!!!

Plans for this week?? I am hoping to complete my pages for the classes at 'Inside Stories' this week, do a couple of scrapbooking challenges I have come across on the web and to buy a couple of things for Wayno and Rhiannas wedding this Saturday. Clint is one of the grooms men so I can't wait to get some piccies. They are getting married on the beach and the males (not sure of bridesmaids) are wearing Havana thongs!! How priceless is that!! Cant wait!!

Well best be off, need to get organised and do some things around the house before heading to 'Inside Stories' to finish these pages!

Take care, and dont forget to leave a comment if you visit! Just so I know people are actually reading this! :)



Anonymous said...

'd pop over and have a look see at your blog.
Glad to see your header up there...very noice ;-)
Congrats on the teacher! How fantastic.
Take care
Tammy (tim_tam from the BOXX)

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I cannot spell today. (DOH!!)

bloggedissue said...

Hope you have a blast teaching the classes... and your layouts are just lovely. Thanks for sharing.