Some more layouts!! I've been busy!!

Well this will probably be my last post before I go back to school!! (not long now, Tuesday!).

School - I am soo organised this year and have everything ready, well nearly, and when the kids come on the first day we can start right away! I have even written out their birthday certificates and coloured them in, and all of their Praise awards! I feel like a very good girl, haha. I think this year is going to be fantastic, and I feel so much more incontrol now! I suppose I had a year last year to get used to what the process is too.

Well I start back Tuesday, for two days of PD (Professional Development) and then the kiddies come Thursday!! I hope they're kind to me, it will take me a little while to get back into the swing of things :o)

Home - Well as I mentioned the holidays are nearly over. And one of my goals this year is to budget and stick to it! And I must say I am doing so well!! Normally over the holidays I would go shopping and spend money on silly little things, this holidays I avoided shopping altogether and really had no desire to shop though either. The only shopping I did was buying some scrap supplies, and even then I have been good!! I did not splurge at all!

I should mention what my Goals for 2007 are:

1/ To get my fitness back and lose weight (I completely neglected my body since I started teaching, no time to exercise at all, I think its time to put it back into top priority!)
2. To make a budget - DONE :o) and stick to it!!
3. To have more 'Me' time - time to scrap and do things I like to do.
4. To get published in a scrapbooking magazine.

I dont think it is too much to aim for, maybe the first one is! But we will have to see.

Scrapping - Well I am getting more and more excited about the classes I am teaching that are coming up at 'Inside Stories'. I have two layout classes for February, (which I will teach twice a month) and one OTP item which is a Valentines 'Coupons of Love' mini album. Its pretty cute!! I will list the times and dates for my classes in my sidebar, incase any 'Inside Stories' customers visit my Blog!!

Another Scrap Patch Layout

When I first got these PP off the Scrap Patch I was not sure how to use them. Now I have I really love them!! I think I just needed the right photo.

Another layout for the 1,2,3 Challenge Blog - Charmane and Karlene are running. This layout is for the January challenge, and you had to use fabric somewhere on the layout, chipboard, and journalling had to be the focus.

I used chipboard for the title, brackets, and to make the mini album. I even designed and made my own chipboard arrow! I used fabric as a photo corner at the bottom left of the photo and to bind the mini album. And journalling was a focus as I have wrapped the title around the page, and lots of journalling in the mini album :o) The meaning for the title and reason for the page was that music by the goo goo dolls, was (esp. in my teen years) and still is - something I will listen to when I am down, or just need some me time to do some reflecting on whats happening in my life.

I also embellished myself a diary that I will use this year to keep a track of my life and where I need to be :o) Here it is....I am happy with it. When I saw the diary I knew I could scrap it right away as it has a protective covering, that way it hopefully wont get ruined.

Well thats all for me, I hope everyone had a fantastic Australia Day. We are having a bbq tonight @ our house for a few friends. We can see the K-rock star show from our house so it should be a nice night.

Take care xoxox


fiona leehane said...

good to see you back in the blog world:)...I CAN'T WAIT for the retreat, Adele was here on Tuesday & we worked on a class...Congrats on the teaching [scrap] gig, is that the new shop opening soon?? cause I might have to sign up for one of your classes, your layouts are looking *divine*...good luck with school....*fiona*

Charmane said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Raquel - just love all of your pages, and your diary is fantastic!
Chat soon!
Love Charmane

Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Raquel
Saw this on the 123 site and will all the detail, it just looks better!!! Good luck with the littlies and the classes - just fantastic!!!

Chris Millar said...

What fantastic work!! Love how funky these layouts are!! I see you know Fiona too!