First Class last night!

Well I had my first class at 'Inside Stories' last night and it was great fun! A lovely group of ladies attended and we were booked out. After the class I was all inspired to start creating but was too tired to even get my stuff out! Hopefully tomorrow or over the next week I will be able to post my new page I am working on, its about how much I love scrapping, and has a hinge to reveal more photos and journalling. I am really happy with how its turning out. I also need to get started on the Feb 1,2,3 challenge, the challenge is to use green, no patterned paper, and stamping....that will be tricky!!!

While I was teaching my first class :o) Clint was at Crown Palladium at the Greyhound of the Year awards night. His family friends one the award of 'Greyhound of the Year' for their dog "Bettys Angel" so as you can imagine it was a big night for them. The highlight for Clint was getting his photo taken with Megan Gale! haha. Hamish and Andy were also at the event and I think they got some photos with them too. At the moment, he is feeling a bit sorry for himself, resting his head!!!

Well the school year is up and running already, crazy crazy! Its hard to get back into the swing of things thats for sure. My new group of 28 (7-8 year olds) are so full of energy its crazy. The group were known last year as the noisy year level, but I cant take too much noise (ahhh) so hopefully we will get that out of them by the end of term. This year our school is taking on a fantastic new initiative that is all levels in first term are to do an integrated unit on "Learning to Learn". It is basically to equip the students with the abilities to make good choices about their learning, goal setting, and also being responsible for the actions and seeing the effects they can have. Also seeing the environments that help or hinder their learning. The kids have taken well to this and I think this will be a fantastic thing for them. Helping them to become independent learners.

Well I have no piccies to share, so I will be off now! Gotta get ready for my coupons of love class at 'Inside Stories'.
Thanks to everyone commenting on my blog the last couple of weeks, its nice to know it is actually being read!
Take care, will post again soon


Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel,
so you got the noisy class hey LOL!!
maybe you could have a reward system for quietness...stamps or lollies or sticker. Just a thought ;)
Take care and good luck LOL

Giovanna Scott said...

Hurry hurry !! Done mine, want to see what you've done!! Come visit to see what I've done :)