Losta Layouts!!!

Well there I have quite a few new layouts to post as I have been on a scrapping roll!

Firstly! I went on the fabulous Scrap Patch retreat last weekend with Mandy, and it was great to catch up with Fiona, Adele, Donna and the girls!!! We have a group of regulars that go, and it felt like it had been ages since I saw them, so I really did have a fantastic time just catching up with everyone.

The place in Flowerdale we stayed at was lovely and like all retreats we ate like Kings!!! haha Scrap....eat....scrap .... eat ALLLLLL day!!!! I had a little scrap shop before going (as you do) so I was all organised and ready to scrap!!

Here are some layouts I finished over the weekend....

I also did a couple of classes, as I do not normally do these but tend to when on retreats....Firstly I did a memories album, which I think you can see a piccie of it in Fionas blog (link is in my sidebar) that class was a great way to use the basic grey mini pad of pp!!

The next (I have a piccie of it) was in a paints Technique class done by Fiona....using the mme Bohemia range of pp...

Well I will finish about the retreat by saying that I had a fantastic time, and as always Donna and Adele were fantastic hosts :o)

Well I know its odd, but I have more new layouts to show!!! I spent all of yesterday arvo (around 8 hours in total) scrapping with Carmen. I finished 2 layouts, one for the March 123 challenge, and the other just for fun.

Heres my 123 challenge, the 3 criteria were : Black and white (can have splash of colour) machine or hand stitching and 3 or more photos.

This layout is a piccie of a friend I went to uni with and her newborn bubba. Although she was studying teaching she always said how she would love to have a family and settle, and well as you can see she did just that and has begun a family! Although this piccie is not a perfect pose, I just love piccies like this one and I think they are alot more meaningful. Scrapping wise I loved the challenge this month and when going through my stash new exactly the layout I wanted to create, it was a great way to use the cherry arte pp, and I just loved adding the simple embellies in red!!! I did not want this page to be overcrowded with photos so I decided to print a smaller strip of 3 photos to resemble photo booth photos. I'm happy with this layout, thanks again for the challenge Charmane and Karlene!!

And here is ANOTHER layout I did just for fun!!

The stars along the edges of the pp are using my new sewing machine, I so love my boy for getting it for me for christmas!! Its fabbo!!

Well school and other life wise, things have been good. The kids at school are getting much better are there has been a clear improvement in their behaviour, there is still alot more improvement to be made, but I have had a couple of people comment that they notice them improving, which is nice...

Life wise.....hmm...well I am turning 23 on Thursday! Birthdays used to be soo exciting, but now they are really just another day....bit sad really. Starting to feel old, haha, especially when I find out my little brother (hes 15) has a girlfriend, now that does make me feel old!

Nothing huge planned for my birthday, just hopefully have a quiet night at home, or maybe go out for tea with Clint. I have a professional development day on Thinking skills with children, so I wont be teaching any kiddies, which will be ok.

I'm teaching my craft knife class again this Friday!! So that will be fun!! Hoping also to get to the stitches and craft show this weekend, at some stage but I will have to see.

I was hoping to get my sneak peaks done for my money tin, and my sketch 5 class, but I have forgotten how I did it in adobe!! If anyone knows would love a refresher!! I'm having trouble adding images to mine (I just cant atm!!)

Will try to get them up during the week!!

Take care xxoxoxoxo


Julie said...

this pages are fab. Love the 123 challenge one.

fionaLeehane said...

You sooo *rock* chick:)
It was great catching up, it seems as though we can all pick up were we left off:)