Holidays .... where have they gone :o(

Well I need to start by saying these holidays are going far to quick, to the point where I feel I have not had any time for myself. In others words no time to sit and scrap!!

Well camping!! I survived!! It was nice to just sit back and relax a little.....Clint and I both enjoyed ourselves. And this time there was a portaloo, which made it even better!

We went to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert on Sunday night. I was a little disappointed as they only played one older song! I was hoping they would have mixed up the songs but they mainly sang songs from Californication and Stadium Arcadium. Clint loves the Chillis and enjoyed himself but I think he was also disappointed they didnt play any older hits. The highlight of the night for me was when the guitarist John Frusciante played an acoustic version of "Songbird" which is sung by Fleetwood Mac and Eva Cassidy. Wow, it was just lovely!! I really want to get my hands on a bootleg of him singing it now.

Well the 1st birthday party last week was lovely and I was so happy with how the letters for Ryan turned out. Here are some piccies......

What else has been happening ....... well, yesterday my car went to the auto electricians :o( My car has had a problem, to do with the engine sensor, since the start of the year. The car is a 2000 Vectra, a german made car, which is all computerised. It has been into my mechanics on and off and was away from me for like a total of over two weeks for this problem. And the problem still isn't fixed. I have forked out over $800 so far for this problem and finally thought the mechanic is getting nowhere and took it to the auto electrician. They rang me with some bad news last night saying that the problem is either a wiring problem in the computer, or the whole computer would need to be replaced. The mechanic said he would not even tell me the price of the computer replacement as he didnt want to scare me and is hoping we dont need to go down that path....I have a feeling my savings that I have worked hard to get, to to go overseas may be getting spent on it and I am so annoyed. Grrr...........I am over cars, when I buy my next car I am buying a little burlee like my old laser that just just gets me from A to B, nothing fancy like this car. I think I have learned my lesson :o(

I decided to make Wednesday (today) my scrapping day. I am planning on getting a wedding mini album for a friend finished and get some photos scanned and printed so I have photos to scrap. I am spending the afternoon at a scrap store in Geelong scrapping, which will be very nice and having a break I have been hanging out for since camping.

I find if I say I will be scrapping at home I get distracted and end up pottering around the house cleaning up and stuff. On Monday I was hoping to get some scrapping done, had a shower and got changed, then while I was getting changed saw how much of a pigsty my wardrobe was and decided to clean it out. 3 big garbage bags later, I was finished, and no time left to scrap !!! So therefore I have decided sometimes I need to make the decision to get out of the house if I actually want to get some scrapping done.

Well I have some good scrapping news! I won a prize from the March 1,2,3 challenge page for completing the March Monthly challenge and all the cybercrop challenges.

Here is my prize pack, how cool is it!! It was sponsored by the Little Scrapbook Shop

Thats all for now!! Quite a bit happening for the rest of the week. Scrapping today (Wednesday), catching up on school work Thursday (mainly paperwork), Friday getting hair cut and coloured (I hope) having guests over Friday night, Saturday - a wedding !!! Sunday going to see a friends sister complete in Australian Marching Championships, the group are state champions, so hopefully they will win the national title.

I also signed up to a 3 month subscription to the PoppyInk kits available through Blue Bazaar you can see details about the kits on their site or PoppyInk. They are so nice!! The main motivation behind the subscription was cos the May kit features the Love Elsie line!! I cant wait, bring on the middle of May when it arrives on my doorstep!!

Take care xoxo


Mel Goodsell said...

Thankyou for your comments on my blog :O)
I love your letters, they look gorgeous,

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel,
Little Scrapbooking Shop have got the full range of Love Elsie up - it looks fab - they are taking pre orders - I have placed mine!
Marelle (met you at the Inside Stories Challenge night!!)