FLAT OUT!!!.......

They are 2 words to perfectly describe my life lately!

Everything has been busy busy...... I think to retell whats been happening I'll dot point it! - in no particular order, just as the thoughts come to me :o)
  • A few weekends ago I went to the Scrap 'n' Chat hosted by BonsScraps and KitiQ all the way over in Belgrave. Was a fun day and although I wasnt that productive I did go back to Mandy's completely inspired and whipped up 2 pages that night! It was great to meet people in real life and there were some yummy products there too!
  • 2 weekends ago, Mandy and I went on our Scrapping Retreat. We had a nice time and were very productive. I actually got 4 pages and a set of letters for someone's Bubba done! Thats big for me!
  • Since the retreat and now I'm back at school I have been mega busy with our JRock preparations! Cutting out costumes (Thanks for the help Margie!), making money bags (they look funky), painting sets and attending dance rehersals. I never realised how full on it was! I cant imagine how full on it would be if we were a high school! The primary school version is non-competitive, which in a way takes the pressue off slightly.
  • School is back!...............in full force, haha, paper work is back.......awww......I certainly didnt miss it over the holidays. It is just getting to be more and more!
  • My poor boy Clint, my family (especially my mum and dad) and friends have barely seen me since school started!! Hoping to catch up properly with everyone after JRock.
  • Fiona, a good friend I have had since grade Prep, is coming down from Swan Hill this Thursday. So we have organised to go for dinner with the girls this Thursday night, should be lovely!
  • A new adventure! I am most likely going to be teacher scrapbooking at the Gordon TAFE in Geelong. I have designed 2 courses (Thats been keeping me busy too!) and are hoping there is enough interest in this area for the courses. This will take place on a weeknight and possibly a Saturday. I am so excited to be given the opportunity and it will help me to earn and save some extra money too. Can't wait for it to start!
  • I am sooo behind on my Just for July and Book of ? with BonsScraps at the moment! Luckily I have photos for most of the days, and just need to actually sit and do them.
  • Some Pages!!!! I have lots of pages to share......I am saving a few as I am thinking of applying for a DT position, not sure if that is a wise choice at the moment though.....but I will keep em under my wings until I decide :o)

This page is for the July 123 challenge, we had to use ribbon, felt and paint. The paint is dry brushed round the edges.

Products used: Fancy Pants pp, American Crafts pp, Felt, Hambly Screen Print rub on, Queen and Co alphabet, Cherry Arte Alpha Letters, Fancy Pants flowers, buttons, Heidi Swapp ribbon, White paint

This page is for the Bons Monthly challenge, the theme was Love of my Life, I also used Bons quote of the month on this page too. See close up pic for quote.

Products used: Basic Grey PP, Sandylion PP, Buzz and Bloom chipboard alphabet, My MInds Eye journal card, EK Success letter stickers, gold sequins, thread, Urban Lily Rub on

This next page was also from Bons, it Frans Monthly sketch Challenge. I changed it slightly to suit, but are really happy with the outcome.

Products used: Cherry Arte pp, American Crafts Thickers, Chipboard letters, Urban Lily Rub ons, Queen and CO Sequins, brad, machine stitching.
    There are more pages.....just not showing yet!
    Plans for this week????......well I am hoping to scrap tomorrow, I havent scrapped for 9 days!! Dinner Thursday. I have grade 6 confirmation in Melbourne this Friday night, then NO plans for the rest of the weekend. I have promised Clint I will help him paint, I'm hoping Sunday can be a 'ME' day for some scrapping time. Thats it!

  • I have been tagged!! I havent been tagged for AAAGGGEEESSS, thanks Charm!

Here's the deal:

1-post these rules

2-each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves

3-those tagged should write a blog post of these facts

4-at the end of the post, 8 more bloggers are tagged and named

5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1 Clint, my boy, is actually my best friends cousin! And I have known him since her and I were younger.

2 I am a complete stress freak! Some of you might not know! haha.......I stress over anything and everything, its just me!

3 Jobs I have had - Wendys, Coles, A Nanny, After School Care assistant, School Holiday Program Leader, Scrap Teacher, Primary school teacher and soon to be Scrapbooking Tafe Teacher!!

4 I NEVER thought I would find that special someone to love me for me, I feel very blessed to have found him!

5 I LOVE reading, but have not had time to do it for AGES!

6 I get very clucky when I see little bubbas, thankfully lots of people around me are having them! So I get to give them back at the end :o)

7 My all time favourite band is the Goo Goo Dolls and over the past 10 years (not so much recently) I have collected a lot of memorabillia, including lots of American Magazines, CDs including singles, jewellery, tour booklets, stickers, the list goes on!! One of my most memorable experiences was watching the Goo's at Rove and being given a signed CD. I bawled my eyes out!

8 I have a sweet tooth, always have had one.....unfortunately its not helping my figure at all :oP

OK 8 people to tag......I think everyone but me had done this.....but if you are reading it and havent, I TAG YOU!!!! :o)

More Just for July pages..........and other stuff.....

Well I am back blogging again cos I have more Just for July pages to upload........Feeling low lately and have/had lost my mojo (and other things!!), but slowly today after getting into a bit of scrapping it seems to slowly be coming back.
Before I post some more of my pages I will give a quick update to whats been happening....
* Mandy came down Sunday, its been great to catch up with her and the girls and scrap too :o) She is heading home tomorrow morning.

* Caught up with my cousin Lauren and her little bubba Maddelyn, you will see some pages featuring this gorgeous girl soon. Because I do not have kiddies of my own I take advantage when I see friends kiddies and take lots of snaps.

* My car is back after a week at the mechanics, they basically cannot work out what is wrong with it, so hopefully it will be ok..............I wasnt charged anything extra - Thankfully!

* My MOJO went somewhere at the start of this week, its slowly coming back.....

Now for some of my Just for July pages:
July 5

Products used: White Bazzill, Love Elsie Roxie pp, Love Elsie Roxy round gels, Love Elsie Roxie Trinket stickers, autumn leaves acrylic stamp, Making memories letter stickers, machine stitching.

July 6

Products Used: White Bazzill , Love Elsie Roxie patterned paper, Love Elsie Roxie trinket stickers, Making Memories letter stickers, American Crafts chipboard stars, Bumble Bee Crafts sequin flower, machine stitching.

July 7

Products Used: White Bazzill , Love Elsie Roxie patterned paper, Carolees Creations rub ons, Love Elsie Roxie rub on alphas, Love Elsie Roxie trinket sticker, Heidi Swapp Letter stickers, Making Memories letter stickers, Sequin ribbon, machine stitching.

July 8

Products used: White Bazzill, Love Elsie Roxie patterned paper, Lil Davis Letter stickers, Heidi Swapp letter stickers, Heidi Swapp arrow sticker, Making Memories Rub ons, machine stitching.

July 9

Products Used: White Bazzill , Love Elsie Roxie patterned paper, Lil Davis Letter stickers, Love Elsie Roxie round gel sticker, Love Elsie Roxie Rub on, Heidi Swapp Letter stickers, Making Memories letter stickers, Bazzill Bitty Blossom, machine stitching.

I did do another page today, for the 1,2,3, but I am tossing up whether to keep it to myself to enter into another competition or not, not sure my scrapping is up to the standard of the competition......I will see how I go with the other requirements first I think, then make a decision.

Had an o.k week so far, but have sooo many things for school I NEED to get stuck into.....especially cos I will be in Melbourne for most of the weekend meeting scrappers from both Bons Scraps and KitiQ at the Scrap and Chat in Belgrave with Mandy!!! I sooo can't wait, nervous at the same time though, to be meeting everyone in real life! And Charm is teasing us at Bons by saying there is some very pretty, scrumptious, yummy stock in that I wanna see NOW!!! I hate the suspense and waiting!

Anyways best be off, I probably wont post before the weekend, but you never know ;o)

Take care, xoxoxo

*Thanks to everyone thats leaving comments lately, I appreciate it!

More pages.....Just for July

Well I am back again.......not much to add since my last post though.

I'm 'officially' now on holidays, after finished my last shift at school holiday program at 6pm tonight! I had good fun this program, though I admit I did get annoyed with some of the staff and what they believe 'good supervision' of children is! Terrible, terrible........ Went to the movies with them on Wednesday and saw Shrek 3. Most of the kids had already seen it and I found the younger ones were so unsettled, I thought they would be fixated to the screen. Today we went to the Aquarium! It was just fantastic.......I wanna go back with Clint 'cos I think he would just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

I picked up my car tonight, for the weekend, its still playing up, but unfortunately it has only played up once for the mechanics so they have still not been able to get a grasp on what is wrong with it. Its a lemon!!! Makes me sooooo angry!
Clint has been home sick with the flu since Tuesday night, he has been in bed the whole time with the aches and pains and the worst dog bark dry cough! Poor boy, hopefully he will be alright after more rest this weekend!

Anyways....on with happy stuff!!!!!!!!!! haha......scrapping!

Finally Carmen came over yesterday after I finished work to scrap with me! I think we were both having a 'down' scrap day as I only did one page and my Just 4 July (July4) page, and she got one and a half pages done. But it was great to catch up and scrap together, it had been a while since we did it last.

Here is the page I did yesterday with Carmen, I had it in my mind for two days, sorta turned out how I had planned. This page was for Bons cybercrop, the challenge 3. Using four photos, lots of brads and handwriting. Photo is terrible, I took it this morning before work as I knew I was getting home tonight at dark, quite shadowy!

Products used: KI Memories pp, autumn leaves pp, scenic route pp, american crafts pp, mustard moon pp, queen and co brads, queen and co alpha, scrap fx arrows, machine stitching.

Next pages are for my Just 4 July.
July 3

Products used: Love Elsie Roxie pp, jenni bowlin pp, white bazzill, black sequin ribbon, american crafts stars, making memories letter stickers, autumn leaves stamp

July 4

Products used: Elsie roxie pp, white bazzill, making memories letter stickers, Elsie Roxie trinket stickers, aqua sequins, black seed beads, machine stitching

Well thats it really, I am looking forward to a 'proper' break next week for some sleeping in and quality scrapping time!

Take care xoxo

Just 4 July.....its begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here I am again, I will be updating more frequently this month because I signed up for a challenge over at Bon's........Just for July!! Here are the piccies of my cover and pages for July the 1st and 2nd........using my new Love Elsie Roxie stuff! I am loving it!!!!!

I had in mind exactly how I wanted the cover to turn out, using my new Love Elsie stuff, I wanted it bright and funky, I'm so happy with how it turned out! The cover is covered in felt and blanket stitched around outside in bright pink thread.

Products used: cardboard, black felt, Love Elsie - roxie pp, Queen+Co blue and red felt, Queen+Co sequin shapes, Love Elsie - roxie round gel, MM letter stickers, Roxie trinket stickers, Roxie alpha stickers, AC thickers, blue felt, Lil davis chipboard shape.

Products used: white bazzill, Love Elsie - roxie pp, sequin ribbon, Queen and Co blue felt, prima black flower, Queen and Co sequin shapes, Love Elsie - roxie round gel, Making Memories letter stickers, sewing machine

Products used: White bazzill, Elsie-Roxie pp, Heidi flower, Elsie-Roxie trinket stickers, heidi photo corners, AL flourish and photo record stamp, black pen, machine stitching.

And this page is for the Cyber Crop challenge #2 at Bons as well........challenge was to use a small space (6x6) and journalling strips.....Lots of white space Carmen, Dont Look down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the stitching is straighter in real life.

I am really happy with it.......bit different! Its a piccie of a friends bubba Ryan, when he was at out house.
Products used: Scenic Route pp, heidi swapp chip letters, american crafts thickers, american crafts stars, heidi swapp journal spots, white pen, sewing machine, basic grey rub on.

Well....news......not much really.............Had a quiet weekend. Clint and I babysitted Brady Saturday overnight and then Sunday we looked after another friends bubba overnight......they are such cuties and luckily (for us) were very well behaved and slept well.

I'm updating this right before I start my first day back to school holiday program....the kids are cuties and it is a fun way to earn some extra pocket money, especially if I want to go on retreats this year :o)

Some of you might remember me talking about my car troubles here and how I have spent $2500 on getting this computer problem fixed, well guess what?!?!? Its still happening and not fixed, so back it goes to the mechanic today!! Grrrr.......................soooo angry bout that!

Anyways.......best be off, look out! There will be more updates coming soon! haha.