We're in London!

Well we made it safe and sound after the 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to London. Flight was o.k both Clint and I tried to sleep as much as we could on the plane.

Heathrow was just huge and to get to the terminal we needed to go to for our transfers took forever. We arrived in London at our accommodation around 7am - and jetlagged and disorientated we had to wait until 2pm to check in!!! We were both exhausted and must have looked pretty ordinary but tried to fill in time walking around, we have done a lot of walking lately!

When it came to check in, we found that the Travel Agent had stuffed up again, and they had no records of us coming at all - just like Hong Kong! And to top it off it was a Sunday at home so he travel agent wasnt open for us to call and get angry again! We both could not believe that we were not booked in, especially after speaking to the travel agent after the Hong Kong stuff up, specifying that she check to make sure all was ok for us arriving in London. We ended up, luckily, getting a room (with two single beds) and paying ourselves. The travel agent will need to reimburse us in some way as we booked a couple of months ago for a Double room and paid for that and that is not at all we were given. Nice start to our London experience.

After checking in, we went straight to the room and slept from around 2.30pm on the Saturday until 3am the Sunday! When we woke up we thought it was around 11pm and went to look for something to eat, but after getting home with some 2min noodles from a store we realised it was actually 3am, no wonder it was quiet with nothing open and lots of drunk people trying to get home.

Yesterday we spent the morning on the net looking for a share house. We called a couple and arranged to see them. The house we are going to be living at is in North London, in Zone 2, pretty close to zone 1. The couple we will be living with starting tomorrow are aussies who have recently moved back to London 4 months ago. They stayed here previously for a 4 year stint and wanted to come back again. They seem lovely and it will be great to be living with people that know London and can help us out a bit.

We have travelled around by tube the last couple of days and have found it pretty easy, similar to Hong Kong. The tube this morning (monday) was a lot busier than it was on a weekend but I will need to get used to that, since when supply teaching I will need to travel to all sorts of areas.

Today we both went to Sanza, the teaching agency, and met everyone there. I start on Friday in a Grade 2 class. Although I am excited, it is really going to be like a first day with a class - everyday! Because I will be meeting new kids everyday. It will be challenging as I am used to having full control over what I am teaching, but a good challenge as it should only help me to improve in my teaching.

Anyways, we are settled and safe and have found a home! We are no longer homeless. We are glad that we are doing this together as both of us have said this is something that would be very hard to do on your own.

We are loving hearing from everyone and will finish this post with some more pics of our time in Hong Kong (it was just the best!).

These are pics from the cable car heading to Lantau Island -

Pics of the Buddha, a pic of us at the bottom of the Buddha and a pic of the temple with their traditional incense lighting.

Lastly some pics of the Symphony Of Lights show that we saw after Lantau Island. This takes place on the Harbour in Hong Kong and can be seen from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Basically at 8pm every night the buildings have this spectacular light show and music is played and all. It was just amazing and not something you would think a country would run every night.

Well we will post again once we are settled and let you know how we are going. Hopefully I survive my first day on friday!
Take care xox

Waiting for plane to London

Just a quick post while we are waiting for the plane to London. We are in the airport at the moment and they have 15minute internet booths for free, so we are taking advantage and thought we would check our email and blog to see what has been happening.

We had a nice last day travelling Hong Kong today, doing the history thing and visited the Hong Kong Museum in Kowloon. Was interesting and both Clint and I enjoyed it.

Overall, we loved the time we spent in Hong Kong and its nice to know that we have had a little break before we arrive in London andget stuck into work. We still cannot get over how people drive here and everytime we have hopped ono abus the both of us get a little freakedout, but we figure that you gotta laugh and make a joke out of it otherwise you'd get s"*t scared.

If we come here with an extra suitcase you could go nuts with the shopping! However, with knowing that my case was already too heavy I had to be very good. I am proud to say we only brought some Mickey and Minnie chopsticks in Disneyland, a Disneyland pen, a couple of the market cheapies sunglasses and watch and thats it. We have had a ball and hardly spent anything and got to see heaps.

Anyways, we are both not really looking forward to the 13 hour flight, but we know that the annoyance of being on the plane will be worth it once we get there!

Thanks for all the messages, it was great to hear from everyone! We love you lots and are being good! :o)

*Margie, we found two awesome canvas' at a market. They are on the way to your house airmail, so hoping you can look after them til we get back!

Take care, xox
We will post again in the next day or so.....

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

Both Clint and I never thought we could be so lucky as to travel overseas and over the last couple of days the reality of actually doing it really hit us.

The past few days I have seen the most amazing things and at times Clint and I have found ourselves both speechless! I'll recap briefly what we have been up to.

Firstly, the plane ride.....was long and the dreading thing for us is we have a 13 hour flight to London tomorrow night!! I think both of us found it pretty hard being cramped in a seat, but the experience of it all was fun and ofcourse something new as both of us had not flown overseas before. Cathay staff were nice, food ok, movies good....the clouds looked amazing. I am also happy to say that for the first flight ever I did not get ear and jaw pain (I bought EarPlane Plugs from the chemist before going, they are meant to relieve air pressure, they worked!)

Hong Kong - Day 1; 18th Feb

We arrived at the airport and went through all the regulation stuff........then waited for our coach transfers to motel. First thing in the coach we noticed was the drivers are crazy here!!! The street lanes are so narrow and the rule is vehicles first, not pedestrians at home. If you crossed the road when you were not meant to here you would be squashed in a second.

We arrived at our hotel, few complications with our booking, but got into our room eventually.

The room is small, but nice. We spent the arvo getting our bearings, reading maps, walking ........ my calves are killing me! Then at night we went to the Temple Street Market and the Ladies Market. They had heaps of nic nacs....I love places like that! Went back and crashed, we were both exhausted.

Hong Kong - Day 2, 19th Feb

Today we decided to go to Lantau Island....to go on the Cable Car and then to see the Big Buddha. To get there we had to catch 2 tubes then hop on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. The tube catching was interesting, but now (day 4) we have certainly got the hang of it.

The view from the cable car was just beautiful and the big buddha was just amazing.
Pics will have to wait as I only have one cameras card here at the moment.

Hong Kong Day 3; 20th Feb

DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just the best. Both Clint and I agreed that this day was one of our faves! The whole place is just so unbelievable. Everything is manicured and perfect, everything in the place was just the best. Can you tell I liked it?

Towards the end of the day at 8pm there was an amazing fireworks presentation above the sleeping beauty castle. It was then, that this all hit me, where I was, what I was doing.......huge moment of realisation. I was in Hong Kong, at Disneyland, a place I never imagined I would be, with the person I love, wow, it was just too undescribable.

Some pics from the day:

These pictures are some of my fave.......I took hundreds! One of the most exciting was meeting Pooh Bear!

Hong Kong - Day 4; 21st Feb (today)

Today we had a bit of a rest day (if you can call it that). We took a couple of tubes to Hong Kong Island and went to the beach town side of Hong Kong. This is at the very bottom of Hong Kong Island.

We went to Respulse Bay - which was a lovely beach area with lots of chinese statues by the pier. Then to Stanley, which had a big market and lots of restaurants and bars. This was one of the first places where we have seen lots of white people, this is a highly commercialised area by the looks of it though.

Then this arvo we went back to Kowloon, to the large park there. This park (which is free to enter) was amazing. It had wetlands and an avairy. It was like a zoo, but in a park :o) We are happy we went to have a sticky beak cos it was lovely.

In all the trip to Hong Kong has been well worth it, we have both had a great time! It is such a clean place and they really have a lot of pride in their streets and travel places.

We will post again when we arrive in London.

Take care, xox

0 More Sleeps!!

Well the day is here!! I cant believe it....we have around 8 more hours before we will be on a plane to Hong Kong.

Short post, nothing else to add, just that I am very excited about this new adventure that we will be having together!

Take care....xox

One More Sleep!!!!

I can't believe I am actually able to say it is one more sleep 'til we go overseas! Ahhhh.....how scary!

Well there has been sooo much happening in the past two weeks!

Firstly, we moved out of home and have been living with one of Clints good mates for the past two weeks.

Then, I have continued working full time on the website at Chandon, it is really starting to look great and I am excited for them all and cant wait for the launch. I will certainly be lurking round the forum there, even when we're overseas.

Clint and I both sold our cars too, the official handovers of keys and all that stuff for both of us was yesterday. So we are homeless and carless for the next 48 hours.

Well....I dont really have heaps to add, I want to say a thanks to everyone that lurks by my blog lately, its lovely to know that people are actually reading this - even if comments are not left :o)

I did want to post a couple of pictures from mums bday before I go, but I do not have the photocard on me, might be able to do it from Hong Kong.

Anyways, to all my family and friends reading, I promise to update regularly when overseas and add photos of all the amazing things we see. Please make sure you leave us comments or email us every now and then.

Take care

My Last Page Share Before Trip Overseas...

Firstly.....decided to give my blog a makeover, new colours and header. I like it.....its nice and fresh, and symbolises all the changes that will happen over the next year.

Well......everything has been busy, busy in my house this past week. We are moving out this Saturday, yes that is tomorrow, into a friends house for two weeks......Then in 16 more sleeps we are heading overseas!!! I cant believe it is really all happening.

So the last couple of weeks has been preparing to move, packing up, cleaning, chucking out, etc. And I am so glad that the day has come to move so that is one less thing to think about before we have to go.

In the next couple of weeks, both Clint and I need to sell our cars and rent the house. Just a bit to think bout right now!

Firstly, a couple of weekends ago was mums 50th. The night was fantastic and I made sure I had lots of practise using my new SLR camera on the night. I will try to upload a couple of pictures soon. Mum had a ball and looked fantastic too! Myself and Carmen decided to go out (I have not been out in aggesss) We had a great time and got home at 5.30am!! haha, bit tired the next day I must say.

Anyways some layouts from the past weekend. Mandy took me away, for a catch up and scrap weekend. It was lovely, and as well as finishing two layouts, I did my diary cover, finished two teddy bears and made some little padded draw string bags for my camera and stuff to take overseas.

Layout title - Best Buds

Products used: Sassafras Lass Patterned Paper, Chatterbox Patterned Paper, Sassafras Lass Die Cuts, Making Memories Clear Alphas, Heidi Swapp Ledger Alphas,Queen and Co felt ribbon, Heidi Grace heart pin, Kaiser Pearls, Prima flowers, lace, thread.

Layout title - We are really doing it.

Products used: Daisy D's Patterned Paper, Making Memories Patterned Paper, Scenic Route Patterned Paper, Hamby Screen Prints, Daisy D Stickers and Rub Ons, K & Company Chipboard Stickers, Basic Grey Rub Ons, Heidi Swapp Bling Borders, Sassafras Lass Die Cuts, Heidi Swapp plastic alphabet, American Crafts Velvet Thickers, Making Memories Pebble Clip.

Hmm....what else, I am late back at work updating my blog because silly Primus has decided to cut off my home phone and net account even though we are $70 in credit and have always been all paid up!! Funny thing (or ironic) is though that they will answer the phone if I connect to the sales department!!! grrr........

Anyways, I best be off to check out what is happening at home....still gotta pack up the last of the cutlery and things we have been using this past week.

Take care....xox