All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

Both Clint and I never thought we could be so lucky as to travel overseas and over the last couple of days the reality of actually doing it really hit us.

The past few days I have seen the most amazing things and at times Clint and I have found ourselves both speechless! I'll recap briefly what we have been up to.

Firstly, the plane ride.....was long and the dreading thing for us is we have a 13 hour flight to London tomorrow night!! I think both of us found it pretty hard being cramped in a seat, but the experience of it all was fun and ofcourse something new as both of us had not flown overseas before. Cathay staff were nice, food ok, movies good....the clouds looked amazing. I am also happy to say that for the first flight ever I did not get ear and jaw pain (I bought EarPlane Plugs from the chemist before going, they are meant to relieve air pressure, they worked!)

Hong Kong - Day 1; 18th Feb

We arrived at the airport and went through all the regulation stuff........then waited for our coach transfers to motel. First thing in the coach we noticed was the drivers are crazy here!!! The street lanes are so narrow and the rule is vehicles first, not pedestrians at home. If you crossed the road when you were not meant to here you would be squashed in a second.

We arrived at our hotel, few complications with our booking, but got into our room eventually.

The room is small, but nice. We spent the arvo getting our bearings, reading maps, walking ........ my calves are killing me! Then at night we went to the Temple Street Market and the Ladies Market. They had heaps of nic nacs....I love places like that! Went back and crashed, we were both exhausted.

Hong Kong - Day 2, 19th Feb

Today we decided to go to Lantau go on the Cable Car and then to see the Big Buddha. To get there we had to catch 2 tubes then hop on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. The tube catching was interesting, but now (day 4) we have certainly got the hang of it.

The view from the cable car was just beautiful and the big buddha was just amazing.
Pics will have to wait as I only have one cameras card here at the moment.

Hong Kong Day 3; 20th Feb

DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just the best. Both Clint and I agreed that this day was one of our faves! The whole place is just so unbelievable. Everything is manicured and perfect, everything in the place was just the best. Can you tell I liked it?

Towards the end of the day at 8pm there was an amazing fireworks presentation above the sleeping beauty castle. It was then, that this all hit me, where I was, what I was doing.......huge moment of realisation. I was in Hong Kong, at Disneyland, a place I never imagined I would be, with the person I love, wow, it was just too undescribable.

Some pics from the day:

These pictures are some of my fave.......I took hundreds! One of the most exciting was meeting Pooh Bear!

Hong Kong - Day 4; 21st Feb (today)

Today we had a bit of a rest day (if you can call it that). We took a couple of tubes to Hong Kong Island and went to the beach town side of Hong Kong. This is at the very bottom of Hong Kong Island.

We went to Respulse Bay - which was a lovely beach area with lots of chinese statues by the pier. Then to Stanley, which had a big market and lots of restaurants and bars. This was one of the first places where we have seen lots of white people, this is a highly commercialised area by the looks of it though.

Then this arvo we went back to Kowloon, to the large park there. This park (which is free to enter) was amazing. It had wetlands and an avairy. It was like a zoo, but in a park :o) We are happy we went to have a sticky beak cos it was lovely.

In all the trip to Hong Kong has been well worth it, we have both had a great time! It is such a clean place and they really have a lot of pride in their streets and travel places.

We will post again when we arrive in London.

Take care, xox


Anonymous said...

Hi Clint & raquel, great to hear from u both, sounds like u both had a great time in Hong Kong....Been on ya blog to hav a look, asked carmen if anything was there she said no.... then i was in bed when steve looked ,so i had to get up and have a read and leave a comment...everything is fine at home,...we had 34 and 38 degrees this week was very hot..nice change yeterday and a bit of rain, ok well u both take care and enjoy the reat of ya time in Hong Kong and a safe flight to London, look forward to ya next update...Bye for now, luv ya both, Helen & Steve and tribe..xxxxxxx

joannep said...

Hi Raquel and Clinton,
WOW, sounds like you are both having fun. Loved the pics especially Tigger and Pooh (life sized).Glad to hear you worked out the tube and transport. All is good here, Josh picked up his brace , will take a bit of getting used to. Sure he is 2" taller with it on. Have a good safe flight to London, glad Raquel ur ears were ok. Dad says HI and Josh says you two looked as happy as kids in the pics. Great to get an update on ur trip. lotsa love to u both . Brendon and Jaimie say hi
Lotsa love mum,dad and Josh xxxx

BELINDA said...

How exciting Raquel.
I am so jelous! Looks like you guys are having a ball...good on you - that's so awesome!
Love the Disneyland pics...I wanna meet Pooh bear! lol
Take care and keep safe.
I look forward to the next update! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely to hear youare having a good time. we look forward to your next message. we love you very much please take care of yourself lots of love aunty rhonda uncle glenn & boys

Anonymous said...

Hi to you both this is my 2nd attemtp at this I wrote earlier but have no idea of where it is this techno stuff gets me every time but at least with you away it will make me learn more I loved reading abu
about your exciting time in Hong Kong and the pics were great I have rang Grandma she was wrapt to hear your news so all the planning is paying off hope the plane trip to London isnt to bad but at least you know it will be a long time before you have to fly for that long againn We enjoyed our 2 days in Sydney would have rathered been in Tassie but at least we got away for a night I hope Ian remembers his 50th with our trip not the crap prior. big hug to you both have a good flight and looking foward to your next update much love and support always mum

Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Raquel
Have been thinking of you over there....enjoying life... good on you!!
Love the pics.
xx gigi