One More Sleep!!!!

I can't believe I am actually able to say it is one more sleep 'til we go overseas! scary!

Well there has been sooo much happening in the past two weeks!

Firstly, we moved out of home and have been living with one of Clints good mates for the past two weeks.

Then, I have continued working full time on the website at Chandon, it is really starting to look great and I am excited for them all and cant wait for the launch. I will certainly be lurking round the forum there, even when we're overseas.

Clint and I both sold our cars too, the official handovers of keys and all that stuff for both of us was yesterday. So we are homeless and carless for the next 48 hours.

Well....I dont really have heaps to add, I want to say a thanks to everyone that lurks by my blog lately, its lovely to know that people are actually reading this - even if comments are not left :o)

I did want to post a couple of pictures from mums bday before I go, but I do not have the photocard on me, might be able to do it from Hong Kong.

Anyways, to all my family and friends reading, I promise to update regularly when overseas and add photos of all the amazing things we see. Please make sure you leave us comments or email us every now and then.

Take care

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BELINDA said...

Oh wow Raquel.
What an adventure your going to it too late to pack me in your luggage?? hehe
I wish you all the very best and I will be popping in waiting for updates.
Take care,