Waiting for plane to London

Just a quick post while we are waiting for the plane to London. We are in the airport at the moment and they have 15minute internet booths for free, so we are taking advantage and thought we would check our email and blog to see what has been happening.

We had a nice last day travelling Hong Kong today, doing the history thing and visited the Hong Kong Museum in Kowloon. Was interesting and both Clint and I enjoyed it.

Overall, we loved the time we spent in Hong Kong and its nice to know that we have had a little break before we arrive in London andget stuck into work. We still cannot get over how people drive here and everytime we have hopped ono abus the both of us get a little freakedout, but we figure that you gotta laugh and make a joke out of it otherwise you'd get s"*t scared.

If we come here with an extra suitcase you could go nuts with the shopping! However, with knowing that my case was already too heavy I had to be very good. I am proud to say we only brought some Mickey and Minnie chopsticks in Disneyland, a Disneyland pen, a couple of the market cheapies sunglasses and watch and thats it. We have had a ball and hardly spent anything and got to see heaps.

Anyways, we are both not really looking forward to the 13 hour flight, but we know that the annoyance of being on the plane will be worth it once we get there!

Thanks for all the messages, it was great to hear from everyone! We love you lots and are being good! :o)

*Margie, we found two awesome canvas' at a market. They are on the way to your house airmail, so hoping you can look after them til we get back!

Take care, xox
We will post again in the next day or so.....


Raqual said...

Love the Tigger picture. So glad you are enjoying all the new experiences. Hope the plane ride wasn't too horrid. We still miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint & Raq... Great to hear u enjoyed Hong Kong,... by the sounds of it u need to change ya jocks everytime u when on a bus lol..Hope all is well in London, enjoy and look after each other, everything is fine at home,we are all well...take care talk soon, keep up the good work on ya blog, look forward to the next update..hugs and kissess to ya both ...Helen & Steve, kids

joannep said...

hi raquel and clinton
guessing u have had a full day in London now! Saw that the temp was about 8c pretty cold eh. hope the house hunting goes well .Will u wait a week before starting work? All is ok here. how's the food? Is it as dear to eat out in London as they say? Take care. hope to hear from u soon
love to u both mum xxxx