We're in London!

Well we made it safe and sound after the 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to London. Flight was o.k both Clint and I tried to sleep as much as we could on the plane.

Heathrow was just huge and to get to the terminal we needed to go to for our transfers took forever. We arrived in London at our accommodation around 7am - and jetlagged and disorientated we had to wait until 2pm to check in!!! We were both exhausted and must have looked pretty ordinary but tried to fill in time walking around, we have done a lot of walking lately!

When it came to check in, we found that the Travel Agent had stuffed up again, and they had no records of us coming at all - just like Hong Kong! And to top it off it was a Sunday at home so he travel agent wasnt open for us to call and get angry again! We both could not believe that we were not booked in, especially after speaking to the travel agent after the Hong Kong stuff up, specifying that she check to make sure all was ok for us arriving in London. We ended up, luckily, getting a room (with two single beds) and paying ourselves. The travel agent will need to reimburse us in some way as we booked a couple of months ago for a Double room and paid for that and that is not at all we were given. Nice start to our London experience.

After checking in, we went straight to the room and slept from around 2.30pm on the Saturday until 3am the Sunday! When we woke up we thought it was around 11pm and went to look for something to eat, but after getting home with some 2min noodles from a store we realised it was actually 3am, no wonder it was quiet with nothing open and lots of drunk people trying to get home.

Yesterday we spent the morning on the net looking for a share house. We called a couple and arranged to see them. The house we are going to be living at is in North London, in Zone 2, pretty close to zone 1. The couple we will be living with starting tomorrow are aussies who have recently moved back to London 4 months ago. They stayed here previously for a 4 year stint and wanted to come back again. They seem lovely and it will be great to be living with people that know London and can help us out a bit.

We have travelled around by tube the last couple of days and have found it pretty easy, similar to Hong Kong. The tube this morning (monday) was a lot busier than it was on a weekend but I will need to get used to that, since when supply teaching I will need to travel to all sorts of areas.

Today we both went to Sanza, the teaching agency, and met everyone there. I start on Friday in a Grade 2 class. Although I am excited, it is really going to be like a first day with a class - everyday! Because I will be meeting new kids everyday. It will be challenging as I am used to having full control over what I am teaching, but a good challenge as it should only help me to improve in my teaching.

Anyways, we are settled and safe and have found a home! We are no longer homeless. We are glad that we are doing this together as both of us have said this is something that would be very hard to do on your own.

We are loving hearing from everyone and will finish this post with some more pics of our time in Hong Kong (it was just the best!).

These are pics from the cable car heading to Lantau Island -

Pics of the Buddha, a pic of us at the bottom of the Buddha and a pic of the temple with their traditional incense lighting.

Lastly some pics of the Symphony Of Lights show that we saw after Lantau Island. This takes place on the Harbour in Hong Kong and can be seen from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Basically at 8pm every night the buildings have this spectacular light show and music is played and all. It was just amazing and not something you would think a country would run every night.

Well we will post again once we are settled and let you know how we are going. Hopefully I survive my first day on friday!
Take care xox


Anonymous said...

HI Rachel and Clint,

How much of the writing is clint doing? Its good to hear everything is well and i bet its good to be living with another aussie couple. Hong Kong looks like a great place, you have some great photos.

Ray and Gemma

joannep said...

So glad u two have somewhere to live!!!! so all is not too bad. Josh is jealous u saw buddha, my goodness don't know if i could have handled that cable car, might have needed new undies for that one. sorry to hear bouts the stuff up at the hotel, wondering how that happened but oh well least u got a room,and could get some much needed sleep.take care ,love to u both
mum xxxx

Raqual said...

Hey, glad to hear you got everything sorted and are in London safely. Love the travel pics. Got to have the Buddha shots that is for sure!
Best of luck for Friday, you will do great. You are awesome to work with!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love looking at ya blog,u do a great job, thanks for keeping us updated, it is great to see u have got somewere to live and ya not homeless,by the sound off it u did better than the travel agent...lol..hope all goes well on friday, will be thinking of u..cable car looks great, never get me on it...pics are great.Hugs and kisses to ya both...xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi again forgot to put my name on comment...lol it is me Helen lol...love and kisses..from mexxx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I have posted a comment earlier but yet again think I stuffed up. send your address so I can write on paper and post it snail mail I will hopefully get the hang of this computer soon.
great to hear you have acc and that the couple you will be sharing with have done it all before that souns like a great thing > the tubes sound like a challenge but once you get used to them you will become experts at getting around for sure Will be thinking of you on Friday Raquel You will be fantastic as always just think walk in walk out present the work lrft collect pay no worries no prep work no reports to write is it sounding less scary now? Do you want me to contact the travel agent here for you? Loved the latest photoes there is no way you would get me on that cable car but I bet the view was awsome Well lots of love and support to you both love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hey Raq and Clint!!!

soo glad to hear you are finaly in London safe and sound. Hong Kong sounds great, glad you found a home and they Aussies should be good to live with and they can give you some hints on life in London! I have done my Passport, should arrive next week then John is booking my ticket for me! yay!!. I am off to Sydney for the easter weekend with Trace to see Carly so i am very very excited about that... keep in touch miss ya lots.
Love always Carmen oxoxoxoox