A New Post ..... as requested

Well I was told it was time for an update, so I will track back to last weekend and what has happened since then....hmmm....not too much.

Last Friday night Clint and I caught up with one of his mates from Aus, Hack, who is over here holidaying. We went to a couple of places and all got very happy, me especially who made a few trips to the toilet that night and the next morning, very sore head the next day!!!!! Heres a couple of pictures from the night.

On Saturday (my birthday) Clint took me to see 'Billy Elliot' on the West End. Both of us were not sure what it would be like but agreed that it was fantastic and the main character in it, the young boy, was just amazing.

The week at work went quite quickly. I was at the same school all week doing Planning Cover for the teachers, which basically means I could be in 3 different classrooms in one day. It is good as I get to know all the teachers, as well as the kids, the days go quickly and I do not have to plan. I am there next week too and if all goes well I will be there until the end of the school year in July! So thats good news.

Clint is at a new site at the moment where he has to lay flooring. He is finding it ok, he can walk there now which is good too, rather than having to catch public transport. He is not impressed with the Health and Safety standards and at one stage there was live wires they were told to just 'work around' which they didnt of course.

Easter weekend break has started, yeah!!! A 4 day long weekend for us.....so far we have done one thing.......go to a highly recommended place......Gourmet Burger Kitchen, thanks Warren (your two favourite UK things - Gourmet Burger and Wine Gums) !! Wow, this place was amazing. You need to have a good budget for this $14 AUD per burger, but if you check out the photos you can see why!!!!!

Plans for the rest of the weekend......thinking of doing some tourist-y stuff this weekend.......gonna see how we go, it will be quite busy being Easter Weekend.

Chatted to Mum, Perty, Mandy and Jo, and Margie today, which was lovely. And great to hear some voices from home. If anyone has Skype, please let us know, as we would love to chat to people from home and it costs basically nothing!!!!

I'll leave by adding a few older photos from last weekend, that blogger wouldnt let me upload then.

Camden :

More of the House :

Oh I forgot to add, some of you may know, we have a pub right across the road from where we are living. Its nice and has good Happy Hour deals. Anyway, Tuesday we come home from work to see film crews and vans everywhere infront of the pub and our house block. Guess who was filming their new film there?? It was..... Burt 'The Bandit' Reynolds!!!! It was a pity we could not take photos!!! But it was cool to have our first encounter with fame here!!!!

One more exciting piece of news that has made my year!! Well close to it anyway.....my fave band ......The Goo Goo Dolls are touring here in July!!!!!!! I am so pumped...we (much to Clints distaste) will be seeing them twice. Once at a music festival, and then again at a concert on their own in Liverpool. we are going to make a weekend out of the gig in Liverpool and do the Beatles touristy stuff whilst there.

The music festival - O2 Wireless Festival is going to be huge. The announced line up so far is Counting Crows, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Powderfinger, Donavon Frankenreiter and the Goos (and some other bands I dont know)


And to top all that off there are two major scrapbooking events coming to London in the next month! All is going well here...!!!

Okies, thats all for now!

Take care, xox


joannep said...

hi kids,
Well one of your best blogs so far lol,love the pics of u both looking happy and well (despite Clints cold). Raq how the hell u get ur mouth round that burger ..pretty huge eh...looked good. See u starting at bottom with seeing famous people lol ,,Burt Reynolds ?? easing into it slowly with the famous people. great to talk to u both despite phones etc playing up. Market would have been good and ur first stage show in pommie west end , glad to hear u enjoyed it. Glad u enjoyed ur birthday, lovely to see u both got ur happy huge smiles, despite the cold pommie weather etc. all is good here as we said ..no major hickups. if i was there would love to go see an antiques auction etc just to have a geezer. hope weekend weather picks up for u both maybe this break u will both get to see more .Clint I'm sure u will not do anything unsafe at work and will worksafe! take care u two ..look after urselves and each other, love u both Raq keep up ur good work with the blog ...
love mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

dear raquel & clinton, glad to see you are both well &having a good time. i'm very jealous of you seeing billy elliott. All is well here.take care of yourselves love aunty rhonda & fam.

Anonymous said...

HI Raquel,
Great to read all about your trip. What a great way to keep everyone updated. Love seeing the photos and reading all the detail you put in. Am so impressed with all the teaching you're doing and am not surprised that they are keeping you on. Hopefully you can stay at the one place till July. Although it seems you wouldn't go long without work anyway. Now, I'm not sure what I have to do here whether you will get to read this regardless or whether i need to sign up as a blogger?? It's 7.30 Easter Monday morning - can't sleep so thought I would hop on and give this a go. But noone's up to clue me in. It's worth a try anyway. Will keep in touch. Keep enjoying your experiences, Hi to Clint and take care. xoxo Rita

Anonymous said...

Hi to ya both, great to hear from u, sounds like u are both enjoying ya new adverture,hope u werent to hung over raq lol...clint must of been great to catch up with a m8 from oz, sounds like working with the poms is a eye opener!!!..we have worked out the skype, so hope to catch u both next time u r on...the weather is alot cooler. need the rain ....hope u had a great easter and easter bunny found u...lol we all enjoyed ya block of snack, clint. will send some pics soon ,ok well love and hugs to ya both..Helen & Steve and kids xxxx

Charmane said...

OMG Raquel - YOU LOOK SO HAPPY!!! WOW what a fantastic place you are living in and what great PHOTOS!!! Glad everything is working out well for you over there! TAKE CARE LOVE YOU!!!