Our first week

Well we have now been here not quite one week. We have done NO sightseeing at all apart from going to Oxford Street to check out the shopping strip.

I ended up starting work on Thursday, I was told the school was lovely, but I had the worst day teaching ever. The children were absolutely feral and gave me a big turn off the whole teaching thing here, the scary thing was these kids were in the equivalent at prep at home, imagine them in grade six!

Todays school was lovely and the school and classroom were nice and structured. Had a much more enjoyable day!

Well its Friday and Clint and I do not really have plans for the weekend at the moment. To just take it easy would be lovely as this week has been pretty packed chasing up work and bank accounts, a place to live and all that stuff.

Clint has spent the last couple of days chasing up work, but there are a couple of paper work related things that are holding it up. He came home today with a job starting on Monday as a carpenter. Thats all he knows now and is waiting for an email to confirm where he will be.

Anyways, we are loving reading how everyone is and what their plans are. Thanks! Will post again soon when we have something half interesting to say.

Take care xox


Anonymous said...

Hi, sounds like u had a great first day (not)...feral kids hey ...at least ya second day was better, didnt turn u off teaching..lol great to here clint has got a job , hope he hears something soon, once u get setteled in ya new accomadationm and sort a few things out, things will be alot easy for ya both, nothing much been happening here same stuff different day hey...been keeping grandma & Pa undated on ya blog..warming up here this week, getting into the 30s again...ok great to hear from u..take care love and hugs to ya both.. Helen XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi,glad to hear you are settling in ok.What r u doing for bedding, do you have to go & buy everything.We look forward to your next update lots of love aunty Rhonda & the williams boys.

Anonymous said...

Hey you two, great to hear Clinton has a job. Too bad you had a pack of ferals on your first day Raq. I've heard things about English kids being ferals. Good that your second day was better.
Hope all is well and you two continue to enjoy yourselves.

From Josh

joannep said...

Hi Raquel and Clint,
First of all Raq yes i am missing u heaps as only a mother can, just wish i could talk to u.
Anyhow now that is over and said , sorry ur first day was so bad teaching, least u know it can only get better and put it behind u as experience. Good to hear u have a job prospect Clint, thats all good .How has the weather been . See its going to be -1c during this week, will need long johns for that day. Nothing much happening here , as Helen said same ol thing different day ,. Not much more to say , take care , miss u heaps , big hugs
love mum xxxxx

Debbie said...

Hi Raquel,A shame about the feral kids.Hopefully it only gets better at each school. Glad you are enjoying yourself. We still get asked everyday.. is the website ready yet??? I know you know the answer to that.
Keep in touch and keep well. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Great to read your update sorry it has taken this long to reply but I now know or I hope I do ,how to get on without Ians help. Kids are great arn"t they Raq ?
oh well just think at least you got paid for the crap and you will think hard about going there again. Glad Clint has work, Hopefully you have settled into your accomodation and that all is working out on that front you must be good at the transport thing by now and I hope life becomes more settled as you both learn the English way of doing things. Looking foward to getting a mailing address so I can send letters but understand you are busy and that this site is to public to but it on goodness knows what that could lead to?Anyway heaps of love to you both think of you so often and wonder every morning when I read the London temperature how you are both coping with the cold, it"s to hot here for me I'm looking foward to the cooler weather here teke care loves ya
's mum

Mel Nunn said...

Hi Raquel! Sorry to hear about the feral kids! I hope that things get easier for you.

Hows that camera? Getting a workout? :o)

Anonymous said...

13/3/08HI Hope you are both well, and keeping those poms undercontrol??
Frank & I have been away for a week in the c/van,and Carmen has been here looking after the cat.. He loves her. So great she comes here.we love it too..Home a day early as it is 39c for the next few days and was 37c for 3 days in Maldon so we are heat stressed..Hope all is good & happy for you both-remember don;t work too hard..there is lots to see & do in London too.Take care think of you both often.Have a great time doing whatever.. love Jen & Frank