We've been busy!!!......lots to say

Well.... we have seen a lot since our last post. Because of this I will break down what we have been up to into segments, easier for me to remember and easier for you to read :o)

Work: Well, for both of us has been o.k. I think that is probably as much as I can say. The schools, for me, are quite different and take a lot of getting used to. I am currently looking into working in the Indep
endent schools of London, they have smaller classes, better resources, better everything from what I have heard.
Clint has finished at the flooring company and is waiting on finding his next working appointment. He has enjoyed the company of the aussies, kiwis , etc. that he has worked with .... but the poms in construction, he has found, are very lazy. When he is posted to a job, he is given a rough
timeline on when they want something completed. He is finding they are finishing the jobs in half the time or even quicker, and at times can literally be working themselves out of work!

We are both looking into changing who we get paid through as over here you can get taxed like 33% which is a killer considering the cost of living over here.

Ok......enough about work.....heres some things we have been up to.

Home: We are definately settled in to our life.....we joi
ned a gym at the start of last week. So it has been nice to go there after work, destress and then at the end we get rewarded with the best shower (our shower at home has no pressure) We have seen quite a bit.........here's an overview..

Easter Saturday - 22nd March, 08
* It SNOWED!!!!!! I got to see snow for the very first time, it was very exciting. It did not settle for long, but was pretty cool to know that our first easter here it was snowing!!

Easter Sunday - 23rd March, 08
*Clint and I decided to go and see Buckingham Palace. We wanted to see the changing of the guards. Because it was SNOWING!!! the main event with the band and parade was CANCELLED!! One of the police there said that cancelling hardly ever happens, but lucky us, we got to experience it. Basically we waited over an hour to see a few guards on a horse go into the palace. It was alright, but we will be making another date to see it properly, when its not snowing!

Friday March 28th - SANZA Easter Party
*I went to the Sanza Teaching Agency Easter Party. I was nervous to go as I did not know anyone there and partners were not allowed to go, but I am sure glad I went. It was a great night, in a club in Picadilly Circus, where I got to meet a lot of teachers, new and old to London. It was nice to actually meet some new faces, I even caught up with someone who is in London from University. Plus you gotta love a night with free wine! :o) I also met a girl from Warrnambool, who I have caught up for coffee with since.

Saturday March 29th - Tower of London and Tower Bridge
* Clint I and I decided to have a real sight seeing day this day. First we went to the Tower of London. This place has been used for many things over the years; a prison, a palace, an armoury, and now is the place of residence for the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels were absolutely amazing but we were not allowed to take any photos of them! We purchased a headphone set which gave you the Tower history as you walked through each section. This was great as we were able to find out so much more than we would if we had've walked around on our own.

*Tower Bridge - After seeing the Tower of London, we decided to do the Tower Bridge Tour as well. This bridge is just huge and was designed in the late 1800s to fit in with the look of the Tower of London (you may be able to see similar features in our pictures). The tour of the bridge has you walking along the bridge walk - 50 metres above the River Thames - it has a lot of pictures and information, as well as movies to watch on the planning, design and construction of the bridge. Once we had completed the bridge walk, we had to walk to the engine room, where we got to see the inner workings of steam engines that powered the bridge. This bridge raises to let ships go under.

Sunday 30th March -

*Clint went to a Fulham Pub to watch Geelong vs Essendon with some aussie mates from work. He loved getting to watch Geelong flog Essendon and is hoping to get to watch some more footy games there in the future. This pub shows AFL footy there every week, so it is reassuring for Clint to know he doesn't have to miss out on watching his Cats play!

*I went to a Stitches and Craft show in Kensington Olympia - what a waste of time that was. I come home with 2 packets of Doodlebug Frills and that was only cos I did not have those colours and they were on clearance for £1 each! Which was a complete bargain. Other than that, this place was not not that good, the scrapping section of the show, had only like 2 decent stands. Even then, they were not that good. I am in scrapping withdrawls at the moment, but trying to keep busy with taking photos, as this is very scrap related :o)

Friday April 4th - Happy Birthday Dadda!!!!! We hope you had a fantastic day, we were thinking of you!

Saturday 5th April, 08 - Nottinghill and Portebello Rd Market

*We decided to have another London Sightseeing day. We caught a bus from Camden to Nottinghill. On the bus we sat right at the top, the views were the best, heres a picture.....

*Nottinghill was a lovely place, we found the 'bookshop' from the movie "Nottinghill" which is now converted into a furniture shop called Gong. And also the Starbucks, which was the coffee shop where William got the coffee from also......haha....it was pretty cool.

*Portebello Rd was very good. Lots of Antiques (Margie and Ian you would have been in heaven!) and then further down the road (the road was HUGE by the way) was your more conventional market finds like clothes and jewelery.

Saturday Night - April 6th - Hangi @ New Zealand Rugby Club

*On Saturday night one of the Kiwis Clint works with invited us to a Hungi - a traditional way of cooking where the put hot coals in the ground and cook a roast type meal in the ground all day. The club is a New Zealand Rugby Club in Acton, who is just a group of Kiwis and Aussies who play amateur Rugby. The Hungi Meal was lovely and Clint and I were lucky enough to see the meal being dug out and uncovered from the ground.

So........that has been our busy last couple of weeks. We have had lots of chats to people of Skype which has been lovely!

Clint's birthday is on Thursday the 10th April. I was lucky enough to get tickets to a sold out Good Charlotte concert, which Clint is really looking forward to. That is on this Saturday night (12th April). They are really the only plans we have for this week.

It is Monday here and both of us are at home, I am not working as there is 2 weeks school holidays here and Clint is not working as his agency didnt have any work for him today. I have a meeting in a few hours with an Independent school agency, which hopefully will work out fine.

Thanks for the emails and comments left.
Take care.....xoxox