Time just goes so quick.....

Well I honestly can't believe how long it has been since our last post, and we know lots of people have been waiting for it, sorry!

So, as you can guess we have a bit to catch up on, a whole month and a half. Of course we have been doing things, but as we know we have big holidays coming up soon we have been working as much as we can to help.

So lets backtrack......all the way back to May.....

May to Mid June-
* Clint was busily working at the Hotel job he was on. He was loving it, great group of Aussie guys he was working with, a 2 course meal everyday, good pay and the opportunity to work overtime, for him, what was not to love?!?!
* I was working at my school still doing my PPA cover and then at the RAF museum on weekends and during half term break.
* Did not do much during the week but would take a night over the weekend to have a few drinks with people or go out for tea.

Some particular things we did:

Saturday June 6th - Banksy Street Art
I had wanted to see some Banksy art after seeing articles about his work in the paper. I remembered someone saying he had some work down in a street behind Waterloo Tube station. So Clint and I on this particular night decided to head down to Leake St and take a look.

Before I show you the pics, heres some info on Banksy to help you understand his art.
Banksy is an anonymous street graffiti artist and his work is highly regarded in the UK.
His artworks are often pieces of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. He combines graffiti writing with a distinctive stencilling technique.
His work just seems to pop up in places around London, none of it is planned and most of the people who own the buildings that he works on do not know he is going to do it.

Ok....now for all you scrapbookers reading this blog, I found this major inspiration! Hopefully you might......Clint and I spent ages in this tunnel just looking and I literally took nearly 100 photos.

There are so many I want to upload but I know I will be here all day, but you can check out here.....and see and read more if you're interested.

Sunday 22 June - View from Clock tower in Park across the road.
Clint had an afternoon off, finally, while I worked at the RAF museum on this day. He heard there was an open day in the park across the road, where you would have a chance to climb up in the clock tower. So he grabbed our camera and headed over.

Heres some pictures he took......

Soo......whats next. Michelle and her mum were doing an Overseas trip and part of their itinery was London, so we got to catch up. It was sooo nice to see someone from home and we had two lovely days of activities together.

Heres what we did:

Friday 20th June
My turn to be a tour guide. I decided to take Michelle and her mum to Covent Garden. Its a big tourist attraction and also has lots of street performers which are a blast to see. We walked around there for a while then headed towards Camden on a bus.

Camden is probably one of my fave places in London, it just has the best atmosphere and is just so unique. Michelle and Joy enjoyed the day, did lots of shopping, and we were all quite pooped by the afternoon.

We headed back to Waterloo where they were staying. Michelle showed me all the cool stuff she had brought while travelling, including scrapping stuff, I was so jealous, then we headed out to a nice Italian style restaurant.

Saturday 21st June-
Michelle and Joy were going to do a Big Bus Company tour today, so I headed along. On the tour you ride around on the red double decker buses with no tops on them, and wear ear phones and have audio commentry on your trip. You can hop off at places that interest you and hop back on when you are ready.

I had been in London for like 3 months and saw some things on that day the I hadnt seen before.

I met them at the Tower of London, after they had been there.....Clint and I saw it shortly after we arrived in London.

First stop - Buckingham Palace....We happened to go there on a day when there was gonna be a parade on Navy or Army people, I cant remember which you could not get near the gates at all....which was a bummer for Michelle and Joy. So we decided to walk around, and there is a short walk with plaques for Diana - a memorial.

We went past the upper class areas on the bus, past nice shopping strips, past 'The Ritz' and our next stop was Harrods. The shop where there is like a dress code to get in......which has expensive tags on everything there.....people just want to go in the shop and spend a few pounds just to get a Harrods carry bag, haha. Michelle got a couple of souvenier things and we headed back to the bus. I am glad I went to Harrods, just to see how the 'other half' lived....but my gosh, I wont be rushing back there for anything thats for sure.

Next stop was Paddington, the home of Paddington bear.
On the way to Paddington I saw Bob Geldof sitting out the front of a coffee shop with people, I thought that was quite cool...This stop to paddington was really for me, being the big kid that I am. I wanted to get a small paddington for school, and also one for me. To say I brought my Paddington from Paddington was pretty cool. So when we got there, it was lunchtime, so we went and had a bite to eat. Then off we went to find the Paddington Shop in Paddington Tube station. I brought lots of bits and pieces for myself and school. Paddington had his 50th Anniversary around the time we were there and it was celebrated by a release of a new Paddington Book by the Author Michael Bond. He released the book at the shop and signed 100 copied. When I was there the shop assistant said she had one copy left, so now I own a 50th anniversary Paddington book signed by Michael Bond and a cute little Paddington Bear.

We also went and got a photo of the Paddington statue at Paddington Station....I was a bit excited! haha

I left Michelle and Joy and headed home from Paddington Station, we had arranged to catch up after their short Europe tour. We caught up one Thursday night and had a lovely tea......was sad to see them go as I know it will be a while before I see someone special again from home. But so lovely to catch up.....I had a great time with them :o)

Some photos from the day - though Michelle has all the ones of us together!

A photo of the London Eye from the bus

A photo of Westmister Abbey From the bus

Buckingham Palace

The Diana Memorial Walk of palace grounds

The Paddington Statue at Paddington Station

The Paddington Shop at Paddington Station

So.......life went back to normal.....work - for the next week. Then came.....the Concert weeks!!!

Wednesday 2nd July - Jack Johnson and Ben Harper in Hyde Park.
What a ball we had!! It was a horrible day weather wise.....raining heaps....everyone had their umbrellas out and were having picnics in the park. The event was an all afternoon thing, beginning at 2pm and finished round 10.30pm.

We got there round 3.30pm......got ourselves a spot and a couple of drink and sat down to watch the supporting bands. The first couple, can't quite remember their names were good, and quite cruisy to listen to. Perfect for relaxing in the park with drinks. Ben Harper came on round 6ish.....he was good. Then Jack Johnson of course....The highlight of the night was them both singing together.....Overall a great day.

Sunday 6th July - o2 Wireless Festival; The Goo Goo Dolls, Ben Harper, Eddy Grant, Powderfinger and the Counting Crows.

Well apart from the constant rain and being freezing cold I had the best time at this concert - for one reason mainly, cos I got to see the Goo Goo Dolls....I have been waiting like 7 years to see them again.....and they certainly didnt let me down, even though they only sang a short hour long set.

The line up of acts was huge......however for me nothing compared to the goos. And even Clint stated that the performances were a bit of a let down. We highly rated one reggae performer Eddy Grant, he was a great entertainer and certainly pumped up the crowd.

Powdefinger played their first London performance, and having seen Bernard Fanning live I had high expectations, however, they were not as good as we hoped.

We were exhausted by the time Counting Crows came on.....the highlight for me was when they sang 'Colourblind' I just love that song.

Now to our next concert and my favourite (ofcourse) - The Goo Goo Dolls in Liverpool.....I will start from the beginning of our trip there.

Thursday 10th July - Coach to Liverpool
We hopped on a National Express coach to Liverpool....it took us 5 hours to get there. Once we arrived we were gonna try to be smart and walk there using our map. However, by the time we got there it was around 11pm and dark...so we hopped in a cab and it took us to our accommodation for £5.

When we booked the accommodation I was aprehensive, as it is hard to know what it is going to be like when you are booking online. The place was a hostel but had separate more expensive apartments...that was all that was available so I booked that.

The apartment was a one bedroom place with a modern big kitchen and living area. Both Clint and I were loving it and wished we lived in it permanently. It was heaven!!! I wish I had've taken photos to show you all.

We collapsed into bed......and slept in!!!! (so rare lately)

Friday 11th July - The concert
Well, being the Goo Goo Dolls fan that I am the concert basically was the only thing on my mind from when I woke up. I could not believe that I was going to see them for a whole proper full set list concert.
Clint and I woke up and got organised, we did a little walking around Liverpool, and I stated that I wanted to see where the concert was and check it out.

At 2pm we were at the concert hall and I noticed Goo fans lined up already, sleeping bags and food galore all set for the wait ahead. There were 20 or so people, these were quite diehard fans with all band tops and jumpers on. I knew that if I didnt line up then with them I would never get close to the stage in the concert so Clint left me to it.

He went back to the apartment and had a sleep while I waited in the line for something like 5 or so hours. Thank god for ipods and the lovely girl infront of me for minding my spot while I had loo and coffee breaks.

So at around 6pm Clint came to meet me in line and shortly after that we were let in.......and we got up the front (thank god) and were only a couple of metres from the stage. The supporting act was a UK band, very heavy metal.

After that the goos came on. They were just brilliant, now I am biased, but I must say these guys have the best stage presence of any concert I have been to. They do not simply just get on stage and play but they really interact with the crowd. They played all their more popular 'radio' songs, and songs all the way from their 1995 album to their newly released (literally been released for a few days) song!!!

I was in my element. I even managed to score myself a couple of souveniers - a guitar pic and a packet of Pez (the bassist collects the dispensers and they chucked the packs to the audience). After the show I was still buzzing and went and got some merchandise, and we headed back to our lovely unit.

Some pics I stole from a site (contactmusic.com) from the concert -

Saturday 12th July - Our Beatles Day
Clint and I spend this whole day doing 'Beatles' stuff. We woke up (late again!, but its so good) and headed to Albert Dock to go to the Beatles Museum. This museum was great and we learnt so much about the Beatles History that we didnt know before.

A picture of the front of the museum

Picture recreating John Lennons Imagine

I got a couple of souveniers - badges and postcards to scrapbook (as you do) and we then headed to the bus stop for our Beatles Magical Mystery Bus Tour.

The bus tour had been advertised on a couple of the travel brochures and I was really looking forward to this. We saw all the Beatles related places around Liverpool, and the tour guide, obviously fanatical about the Beatles new so many things about them, even to the day and date of things.

First we visited Penny Lane, then headed to the childhood homes of George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Then we saw Straqberry Fields and finished our tour at the well known Cavern Club.

Heres some pictures, we had a great day.

Us infront of the Penny Lane Sign

George Harrisons childhood house at 12 Arnold Grove

John Lennons childhood home with Yoko Ono now owns and tours run through it.

Paul McCartneys childhood home, which also has tours run through

Strawberry Fields

The Cavern Club

It was a lovely day.

Sunday 13th July - Maritime and Slavery Museum
We spent the morning at the Maritme and Slavery Museums. Museums from what we have seen over here are quite good, and these ones were too. We did the museums quite quickly, but both found them pretty interesting.

Once we did the museums it was time to head back to our apartment one last time and get our bags and head to the coach station, ready for the 5 hour coach ride home.

The last week or so we are back into our work routine after our weekend away. I finished working at the RAF museum a few weeks ago, it was getting too much and I was getting sick from being run down and for the travel and hours I was working it simply wasnt worth it. Minimum wage over here is pretty bad. Clint has been sick on and off but is good at the moment. He is working at a nightclub/bar in the 02 Arena in Greenwich. It is hard work as the place has concrete walls which they have to lift, but the bonus is he is able to work 12 hour days - great for our saving for our holidays.

Sunday 20th July - London Zoo
Clint had a day off so we decided to do something touristy in London and went to the London Zoo. We had a lovely day and the Zoo was brilliant, it has a really nice set up with more unusual exhibits than I have seen before, like bugs. I decided to test out my camera, heres some pics I got on the day, I'm pretty happy with them.

This picture obviously was taken through glass, but worked really well.

This is an animal, not sure what it is called, but I was joking with Clint thats its a mix between a Giraffe/Horse/Zebra - just look at it, what do you think?

A baby giraffe

Meerkats - they were just too cute

Scary Deadly Dragon, cant remember their proper name


A little lizardy thing

Gorgeous butterfly

Cute penguin

So......not much else happening here. I finish school this Friday, it will be there summer holidays which means that I have 5 weeks off. So for Clint and I that means holidays - proper overseas holidays. I want to spend the first week getting my classroom and planning ready for school then we have 4 weeks to fill in.

So far we have booked a tour of Ireland for the last 2 weeks of the holidays - which will take us both North and South of Ireland, we have called Clints family there and are organising to meet with them when we arrive there which should be lovely.

Then we just need to fill our first two weeks and have decided to go to Paris. There is heaps to do their so we have decided to tour around their on our own and visit places such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, see the Moulin rouge Show, and the Paris Disneyland.....very exciting.

Well thats all for now, this post has taken me literally hours so I hope it keeps everyone up to date for the next couple of weeks. We will keep the blog updated on our holiday plans for the coming few weeks.

Take care