Few different things & A day trip to Barcelona!!

Another update, 2 in like a week......can you believe it?!?

Guy Fawkes - Fireworks night - Wednesday 5th November

Basically is celebrating a bloke in the 1600's who tried to blow up the English Parliament. The celebrating is not done because thats what Guy Fawkes was gonna do, but because he got caught. People celebrate by letting fireworks off for most of November (cos they are more available to buy) but mainly on the night of the 5th. Clint and I met one of his mates from work in Clapham and watched the fireworks there and had a drink or two. The fireworks displays in London, that we have seen are amazing!! Totally better that the good old KRock star show on eastern beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The money that they must spend is slightly scary.

Our 6 year Anniversary - November 9th

It is really hard to believe that 6 years has passed already, it feels like it has gone so quickly. Clint and I went out for a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant in London Bridge that overlooks the Thames River and Tower Bridge. No pics of the night, sorry.

Well.....on the 13th November, my school had a holiday for Guru Nanak's birthday - founder of the Sikh religion.

I was asked if I wanted to go to Barcelona for the day with some of the staff, so myself and 5 others from school spent a day there.

I had to get up so early - 4am, to be ready to get a cab to Jo's at 4.30am. Got to Jo's, we waited for Nicol and then drove to Ramandeep's to meet her and Rani. We then headed to Stansted Airport, we met Nora there.

Our flight was at 8ish......so we arrived in Barcelona around 11-12am. Once we got there we walked around started looking round the streets - I tried to take lots of photos. We mainly looked in shops when we were there and had a nice Tapas lunch. It was a nice day.

Some photos from the day-

From left to right- Rani, Nicol, Nora, Jo, Ramandeep and myself.

Was a big day......exhausted by the end of it!! Got home after midnight. The next day at school we had an Inset Day (Professional Development) about Assessment. Was a bit hard to sit through!

Hoping to update again soon. Clint and I have decided on our plans for christmas. We are going to go to Scotland and firstly do a 6 day tour, including having a relaxing day christmas day with a nice traditional christmas dinner. Then On the 27th we head to Edinburgh for Hogmany for new years. It is basically a huge street party which is meant to be awesome. We are both looking forward to it, though we know we will need to rug up, as it will prob either be very wet or snowing. A white christmas, how cool would that be!

Anyways, work is going along fine for both of us. Not much else to say today.......I am hoping to do another post soon with some photos of my classroom, for those interested, I'm able to do my crafting not is scrapbooking but through my displays in my classroom, haha.

Take care, xox