It SNOWED ... Really SNOWED!!!

Month behind posting but anyways!!

Sunday - 1st February, 2009

Today we went into Covent Garden to catch up with some of the people from our Scotland tour. We went to the Walkabout (no surprise there!) and had an arvo session. Was lovely to catch up with everyone and hear how they had settled in after coming home. A couple of the girls have moved right near my work in Stratford, so it will be nice to catch up with them after work more often.

It started to snow late arvo and as we were leaving everyone went outside and had a snowfight.

The snow continued heavily overnight.

Monday 2nd February, 2009

Monday morning I got a txt from someone at work saying school would be closed, no need to come in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres some pictures of the snow around our housing estate and the park across the road. Too cool hey!?!?!

Due to the snow all London transport was closed - buses, overland rail and tubes, making it near impossible to get to work if you worked further from home. Clint ended up walking to work in Mayfair, which took his about an hour.

Its just crazy that over here it is snowing and at home there is a major heatwave! Makes you wonder what is happening with the world.

Because of the snow I also had Tuesday off work as now it is turning all slushy and icy and becuase of the dangers and the some transport being down school was closed again! I must say I did have a nice relaxing 4 day weekend :o)

My pictures

* Warning - this post may not interest everyone - its school stuff* :o)

Well I have been meaning to post pictures of my classroom for ages as I feel it is so different to my classroom back in Australia. Here, resources for decorating the room and making displays are endless, whereas at home the budget is somewhat limited in that area and there are other things you would rather spend you money on. Plus there is lots of wall space to put displays on too!

Most of these resources I either made or sourced from the internet, but you can clearly see the handmade compared to properly made :o)

Here is some pictures of the room setup-

Our Interactive whiteboard -

These things are a godsend and they are I'm pretty sure in the state schools compulsory over here. You can do so much with them!
Our Superstars Board -

Each week I choose some children to go on our board who have done something great and they get a special certificate from me also. Makes them feel special to have their picture up all week.

Traffic Light Chatter Tracker -

This is used to help monitor the noise level sometimes if we are listening to music while working, if they get too loud I will stop the music.

Our Literacy, Maths and Research groups boards -

And my displays - the only half creative things I have been doing since arriving overseas.

Our Birthday Board -

Similar to what I did in my classroom at home.

Tidy up Time board -

This has all the classroom jobs on it and who the monitors are. The kids always know there special jobs for the week.

Fruit time -

In the schools here, expecially lower down the school, fruit is provided. This board tells what fruit for the day and who the monitor is.

The Great Fire Of London -

During the first term this was our first topic, children really enjoyed it. And we went on a cool trip to Pudding Lane where the fire started and had a guided tour around the area learning about what it would have been like during the great fire.

Our Role Play areas -

I try to change these every term.

First area was the fire station - because we were learning about the Great Fire of London. The children had fire costumes they could change into and act out being firemen/women.

Second area was the Bus Station - because our topic was vehicles and forces.

The bus station has been a huge success with the kids especially with the Oyster cards and oyster readers (for those that dont know these are the travel cards used in transport over London).

Remembrance Day -

I decided to do an afternoon of Remembrance Day activities with the children, because although the school was selling poppies, the children had no idea why they were buying them. I discussed why we had the silence on Remembrance Day and even played for them the 'Last Post'. They made poppies from 4 cut out hearts then made these cool silhouette pictures. For 6 year olds they did a fantastic job!

Our Favourite Book -

Our door display of our classes favourite book, A Tiger who came to Tea.

Animal Poems -

This was a display in the hall way in the school of the childrens poems from book week.

So there you go, thats a glimpse into my classroom, I love it! Although making displays is time consuming, and not something for all teachers. I find it gives my classroom a really lovely feeling and its nice for the kids and visitors to see all their hard work on display - something for them to be proud of :o)

Raquel xox

Scotland ... Part 2

Scotland continued....

Day 6 -
Pitlochry to Edinburgh - 29th December, 2008

First stop Tullibardine Whisky Distillery. This was a small independent distillery. Well whisky is certainly not my or Clint's drink of choice, but it was interesting to see how it was all made....smell was rank though!

The coolest thing was that we met a man there and it was his job to check if the whiskys were ready to bottle!!! He had been doing the job for something like 50 years or more. One of the pictures is of a barrell that has been there since '52. Amazing!

Then we hopped back on the bus and headed to St Andrews - the home of Golf and Scotlands oldest university.

Here's some pictures-

Then it was off to Edinburgh. Once we arrived we settled into our 16 bed dorm (way to many people over New Years, let me tell you!) and got ready for the opening ceremony of Hogmany!

For the opening, basically people walk with huge wax candles down Royal Mile in old edinburgh to new Edinburgh up on a hill (cant remember the name of it). This was such a beautiful scene as it was dark and all that you could see infront and behind you was candlelight!

Once we got to the top of the hill, there was some great fireworks! It was such a nice night.

Day 7 - Edinburgh - 30th December, 2008

The next day we decided to do some sight seeing around Edinburgh and got on one of the open top tour buses. It was a cold miserable day so wasnt able to take any photos from the bus.

Then we went to Edinburgh castle....was huge! Some more pictures.

Day 8 - Hogmany Edinburgh New Years Eve - 31st December, 2008

We took today a bit easier as we knew the big night we had infront of us at the street party. The whole street in new edinburgh is basically cut off for the street party. There was food, bands and music from like 6pm or 7pm onwards. It was a funny night - lots of happy people around!

Day 9 - New Years Day Edinburgh - 1st January, 2009

Got up and decided to go for a walk as it would be our last chance to see Edinburgh before leaving the next day.

Thought this was a cool name for a pub!

Greyfriars Bobby was a terrier who became known to the people of Scotland when he guarded the grave of his owner for something like 14 years! Meant to be one of the most photographed statues in Scotland.

On this night we said our farewells to everyone we were still touring with and left early the next morning to the station to head back to London. We had a great time, certainly a christmas and new year we wont forget!!