It SNOWED ... Really SNOWED!!!

Month behind posting but anyways!!

Sunday - 1st February, 2009

Today we went into Covent Garden to catch up with some of the people from our Scotland tour. We went to the Walkabout (no surprise there!) and had an arvo session. Was lovely to catch up with everyone and hear how they had settled in after coming home. A couple of the girls have moved right near my work in Stratford, so it will be nice to catch up with them after work more often.

It started to snow late arvo and as we were leaving everyone went outside and had a snowfight.

The snow continued heavily overnight.

Monday 2nd February, 2009

Monday morning I got a txt from someone at work saying school would be closed, no need to come in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres some pictures of the snow around our housing estate and the park across the road. Too cool hey!?!?!

Due to the snow all London transport was closed - buses, overland rail and tubes, making it near impossible to get to work if you worked further from home. Clint ended up walking to work in Mayfair, which took his about an hour.

Its just crazy that over here it is snowing and at home there is a major heatwave! Makes you wonder what is happening with the world.

Because of the snow I also had Tuesday off work as now it is turning all slushy and icy and becuase of the dangers and the some transport being down school was closed again! I must say I did have a nice relaxing 4 day weekend :o)


Anonymous said...

OMG...yes it did snow...what beautiful pics.. yes must of been freezing, and we had a heatwave...thanks for the update..look forward Italy..luv Helen

Anonymous said...

It wAS GREAT TO SEE THE PICTURES OF THE SNOW. You won,t complain of it being cold here when you come home. Hope you are having a good time in Italy. Not too long now before Carmen arrives. Hope you had a good Easter. Love Grandma.