London things and Scotland Update... PART 1

Well I know I am well overdue for an update .... hopefully I will be able to do this as quick as possible, because there is so much it will have to be in parts.

Some London stuff we did before christmas -

As you know, Clint has been working on this lovely hotel in Mayfair. One day he took the camera to work to get some photos of the stuff he has been working on.
Heres some pictures-

The day before we had to leave to go to Scotland, we decided to have a night out. Clint suggested we go out to our favourite restaurant in London Bridge 'DimT', then headed over to the Tower of London for some Ice skating which both of us had never done before!

We had a ball, though I was scared as, as the ice rink was like a giant slushie (so not meant to be like that apparently!) and I was worried I was gonna fall on my ass and get saturated. I couldnt skate without holding onto Clint as a balance, it was good fun! Some pictures-

We took some 'selfies' before we left, heres a couple of them-


So the next day we got up early and headed to Kings Cross Station, to get the train to Edinburgh.

4 and a half hours later we were in Edinburgh. We arrived at Waverly station and the first thing we noticed was that, as we sorta expected, it was FREEZING!!!!

We walked to our hostel and got a few maps and things and went out for a walk. Our hostel was in Old Edinburgh along the Royal Mile. Royal Mile is so lovely and all the buildings are well 'old' like the name suggests! ha.

We walked along the Royal Mile and found Edinburgh castle, which has a lovely view over the gardend and New Edinburgh. Didnt go to bed too late as our tour started the next morning!

Royal Mile -

Edinburgh Castle -

DAY 1 - Edinburgh to Portree, Isle of Skye - Christmas Eve 24th December, 2008

Started the day nice and early and headed straight towards the Highlands. Our first stop was Stirling, Braveheart country. Our tour guide gave us a breakdown of the history of the land about William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce.

On the way to our next stop, we went and visited Hamish, the 'Hairy Coo' - (Highland cattle). Hamish was gorgeous and I made sure I got a few photos.

Then we headed to Glencoe, where we did a slightly scary walk to get some amazing photos.

After that we headed over to Portree, our home for the next 3 nights.

Day 2 - Portree - Christmas Day 25th December, 2008

Well we woke up, said our 'Merry Christmas' to everyone, had a lovely cooked brunch with champagne and then headed down to the docks of Portree to have a look around and take some photos.

Portree is sooo lovely......

We didn't have to be back at the hostel for a cooked dinner until after 7pm. So we met some of the people from our tour at a very small local pub and had a few drinks before dinner.

Dinner with the tour group was lovely!! The meal was great, company was great, just a nice time all round. It was great that a day that was more difficult (1st christmas away from home) was made so much more easier and was really enjoyable.

The christmas table -

Group shot- in order from left to right - Hannah, Liz, Danielle, Kendra, Chris, Me, Clint and Andy.

Boobs out group shot -

Hannah, Liz (both hilarious Kiwi girls) and Danielle (crafty American, she makes some really funky stuff!)

Clint and I - In our bon bon hats (you just gotta!),please excuse the chins!! Not a good angle to take a 'selfie'

A good night was had by all, well those that remember it! haha.

Day 3 - Boxing Day - 26th December, 2008

Today was a very active day, lots of walking and exploring!

One of the first stops was Kilt Rock - literally cos the cliff edge looks like the pleats in a Kilt, was cool.

Then we headed to Cuth-Raing - another slightly scary walk that had spectacular views.

We then headed to faerie and brunei lands of Scotland. Little people who we can't see.....but if you believe you might see them!

Here is some of their lands we visited -

A Brunei home -

Day 4 - Portree to Carbisdale Castle - 27th December, 2008

Today we did a lot of scenic site visiting.

Here's a few random photos of places I dont remember the names of, but were beautiful enough for us to stop and have a chat about and take some pics.

Upside down World - You had to lay down on the edge of the cliff (sorta) and then look, and everything looks really trippy. With some persuasion and awkwardness (I was soo scared) I had a go too.

Top of a mountain - It was sooo cold here and scary in the bus cos the roads were icy. But was well worth it. These rocks were in piles as apparently it is good luck if you add to them. Also all the lakes were iced over, so we all had fun throwing rocks to crack it!

A group shot -

After this we headed to Carbisdale Castle - our home for the night. We were both quite excited to be spending the night in a castle! I wasnt quite sure what to expect but wow! It was amazing.

We had a great night, fantastic meal and a cool party with scottish dancing taught!

Day 5 - Carbisdale Castle to Pitlochry - December 28th, 2008

So we left the beautiful castle and headed to Loch Ness, the home of the Loch Ness Monster!

Here's some piccies of the Loch and the three crazy girls who swam with Nessie! Danielle, Liz and Kendra.

After Loch Ness we headed to the Culloden Battlefield. It was sooo cold that everything had a thick layer of frost and it was nearly impossible to see anything!

After Culloden, we went to this place full of huge rocks. Basically the tour guide said we will get here and a rock will 'speak to us' and our attention will be drawn to it. When we find 'our' rock we had to hug it! Here is us with our rocks.

We had a longer bus ride to Pitlochry which was our new home for the night.

Gonna cut the update off there....still have the trip back to Edinburgh and our New Years Celebrations to add.

Take care xox


Anonymous said...

Great update raq, look forward to part 2.. sounds like u had a great time and got through xmas, away from family, must of been hard, but sounds like u had a ball, we r all so jealous...must of been cold bbrrrrrr,take care talk soon, luv Helen & Steve.and kids xxxx Hugs & Kisses..

Belinda Venables said...

Your updates always make me feel as if I am there too (I wish!) Love reading each of your posts...sounds like you're having so much fun. Once again, I'm jelous! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to see you looking so well. Love the new hair do. we were a bit worried how you would go xmas day, really glad to hear you had such a good time.All are well in the family.lara turned 16 on the 5th feb.Take care of yourself & update the rest soon. lots of love aunty rhonda & gang

Anonymous said...

It was a great update as usual. You are both making the best of your time away.Looking forward to reading part 2. Take care. Love Grandma.