Italy trip - PART 1 - Day 1 to 3 - 6th April to 8th April - London to Venice to Verona

Day 1 – Monday 6th April – London to Venice

No sleep for us last night! Our flight was 6.30am with Ryan Air which meant our mini cab arrived to pick us up from our house at 3.15am to take us to Stansted Airport!

Stansted Airport now had all computer check in facilities, so all we had to do was check in on the computer and line up to drop our bags off! Too easy!

We checked in and headed through the departure gates. We had a quick look around – I grabbed a coffee and Clint grabbed some break-y and waited patiently for our boarding number.

The flight itself was fine! I felt slightly seedy for some reason and slept most of the way. We were both very much looking forward to Venice.

We landed at Treviso Airport in Venice and hopped on a bus to the main station. Our accommodation was apparently 15mins by bus from there.

A sign outside the main station. Clint wanted a photo of.

We arrived at Camping Fusina and were pleasantly surprised. It was a very well equipped grounds with ATM, Bar, Restaurant, Tourist office, etc.

To get to Venice from our accommodation we had to pay 25 euro each for a 3 day Ferry pass which would take us to Venice of a morning and return us back at night.

We hopped straight on the ferry after putting our bags in our room, excited to check out what Venice was like. We arrived at around 1.30pm and already I knew I was in LOVE! Venice was exactly how I had imagined it to be – similar to Paris – but nicer ; cobbled streets, ornate features on buildings and what I thought were traditional restaurants and cafés.

Some random Venice shots

A selfie

View from the ferry

Canals and gondolas

Canal Ambulance!

As 2.30pm we were told there was a cruise between 3 islands in Venice, which are a must see so we decided to see them and do that. The islands were Murano, Burano and Toccerro.

Murano is the home of Murano glass. We got to see glass blowing and lots of expensive murano glass items. I got a cool ring at a market stall, supposedly murano glass.

Burano is a little town where each family paints there house in a different colour to symbolise their family, its also a town of lace making. This was a very nice little town!

Toccero was a little boring, but its claim to fame is it is the earliest place of settlement before mainland Venice.

We were greeted by beautiful weather in Venice, oh my gosh! It was so lovely to be around sun lovely we even had to buy sunscreen cos we knew our pale skin from London weather would burn very easily! The tour finished around 6pm.

After all the walking we did this afternoon and the super early flight, it was so nice to just relax and we found a sweet little restaurant to have some dinner. Clint experienced his first Italian pizza and I had a scrumptious salad! Yum!

Absolutely exhausted at the end of our day.....we look pretty terrible

Once we had finished our dinner we walked our way back to the ferry stop and caught the last ferry back to our accommodation at 8.30pm. We went to the Bar at the grounds and had a quick drink before settling into our room with some books and much needed sleep :)

Day 2 – Tuesday 7th April – Venice

We got up – showered – best shower we have both had in ages (our London shower is Terrible with a capital T!).

We missed the 10am ferry to Venice so we hung around the Port soaking up the sunshine until the next one at 11am.

Once we got to Venice we headed to the far left opening of the Grand Canal. On the way there we saw a traditional fish, fruit and vegetable market, lots of tourist and souvenir stalls and of course many canals filled with gondolas!

We had lunch at a random café. When we got to the opening of the Grand Canal we purchased a one way 6.50 Euro ticket for the water bus to take us along the Grand Canal all the way to the southern point near Elena/Arsenal.

Photos taken from the water bus

We wandered around the gardens before heading west again back towards St Marco Square.

On the way there Clint saw a Gondola man free and stated that we cant go to Venice without going for a Gondola ride. I was hesitant as we still have lots to do the rest of the year and 80 Euro for 40minutes is a lot of money. Extravagant!! But I am soo glad we did it, was lovely :)

Some people who have been to Venice before mentioned that they did not like it due to the smell. And I will admit 'Yes it does smell at times'. But the beauty and the charm of the city far outweigh the odd stink here or there.

Anyways, back to the day. We had a lovely ride on the gondola. After that we went back to walking. We do lots of walking on all of our holidays. We came again to St Marco Polo Square. There was a man there taking photos of people out the front with the pigeons for 10 euro, although a little pricey the pics look so cool, we both wanted one! I am so happy with how it turned out :) Cant show you it as I do not have it on disk or USB.

After that we walked some more, got slightly misguided – went north instead of west and came back to Marco square and started again, heading now towards the ferry terminal to go back to Fusina.

Clint had been wanting to have a Calzone and we found a nice place for dinner that had them. Clint had this delicious calzone and I had a nice scrummy tuna salad. Meal was nice and quite reasonably priced.

Since PACS I have taken a love for Italian coffee. Recently I have only been having black coffee (cut out milk completely) and I have found Italians drink a lot of the stuff. I found espresso a bit too syrupy for me. But....caffe americano – espresso with small amount of water is just fab and I am loving it.

Whilst I am loving coffee, Clint is loving Gelato!!! It is becoming compulsory for him to have one with nearly every single meal, haha. His fave flavours so far this trip are melon (like cantelope) and lemon. He always chooses the fruity fresh flavours, where as if I was to have gelato, I would still choose the creamy flavours.

After dinner and a coffee for me, Gelato for Clint, we caught the last ferry back. We had another awesome shower before bed and settled in for the night ready to head to Verona the next day – the home of Romeo and Juliet.

Day 3 – Wednesday 8th April – Venice to Verona

We woke up around 8am and packed our stuff – getting ready to leave Venice :o(

We caught bus number 11 at 8.43, which took us straight to the main station in Venice.

We headed straight to a ticket office and bought 10am tickets to Verona , which get us into Verona 2 hours later. After that we had an hour to kill, so we had coffee and breakie – and chilled out.

We hopped on the train after that, it did take 2 hours and got on a bus which dropped us off near our accommodation. The B&B was close to the main centre area of Verona, we headed there first, obviously, as we had all our cases, and unpacked our things. Then we headed straight into the centre of Verona.

First stop was the Arena – the old Roman Amphitheatre. It was a bit disappointing there as it was being set up for a concert, had scaffolding stuff everywhere – so it lost some of its charm.
We continued on a walk and passed many churches, Romeo's house, Juliets house and went to Juliets tomb. The house had a statue out the front where apparently if you rub her breast you get good luck, so ofcourse, we gave it a try.
Random Verona Shots

The arena

Clint at one of the Piazza's

Other randon photos of Verona
Juliets House and 'lucky' statue

Juliets garden and tomb

My gorgeous boy - love this photo!

We had a lovely evening, and we headed back to the B&B for a small rest before dinner. Later that night, after our rest, we went into the Piazza Bra (central Verona) to find a place to have tea. We found a reasonable priced place and had our dinner. I have noticed that Clint again is becoming sick – seems to be every time he lets his body slow down and relax, he comes down with the flu! I think every trip we have been on he has taken sick – my poor boy. Definitely a trip to the pharmacy tomorrow I think!

It is early in the night and Clint is asleep already – hopefully he feels better in the morning. Meanwhile, I am sipping a caffe americano in bed whilst writing this and are about to start reading the 2nd of 4 books I bought with me this trip.

The first book, Froth on a Cappuccino, by Maeve Hardy, is all about appreciating the small things in life that we may sometimes take for granted and focusing on the good things. Some of the small things she talked about were – throwing change into a fountain, fresh sheets, going to a charity shop, crisp apples, etc.

One thing I really liked in the book was that she suggested we should think of 3 good things in a day.
3 good things from today -
1/ Being punctual this morning and making the earlier bus.
2/ Sitting in the Arena, in Verona, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.
3/ Walking around Romeo and Juliet territory holding my boys hand.

I will try and keep this up through blogging – mind you though – these are simply my thoughts, not Clint's.

Off to read my book now, xox

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That was a great comentory of your first days in Italy. Cant wait for the rest. Love Grandma.