Italy trip - PART 2 - Day 4 to 5 - 9th April to 10th April - Verona to Cinque Terre

Day 4 – Thursday 9th April - Verona to Cinque Terre

Got up approx 7.30am and had showers in the B&B. We caught a bus to the train station and headed to La Spezia for Cinque Terre. This is a 6 hour trip in total with 3 changes between and half and hour breaks in between each change. We should have arrived at approx. 3pm, which is good as we need to check into our accommodation by a certain time.

On the way, when we were changing at our 1st stop called Modena we were meant to hop of a train that stopped at Parma. Being the eager people we are hopped on 10 mins too early and headed towards Bologna. So effectively, we travelled 40 minutes (20 either way) off course – however, got back on track by hopping on the 12.30pm train to Parma from Bologna.....and then were right. We got to Le Spezia and hopped on the train to Romaiggiore. We got our first glimpse of Cinque Terre, and oh my gosh it was amazing!!

Cinque Terre is made up of 5 towns built into cliff faces – all linked only by a small walking track or train service.

We unloaded all our stuff in our accommodation – a lovely self contained apartment and went for a walk around the town. We went to the marina with a couple of drinks to watch the sunset, it was so beautiful.

After that we found a nice restaurant for dinner and went back to the apartment for an early night. A big day of walking to look forward to. The plan is to walk between the 5 towns, its something like a 12km hill and step walk/hike......we will need all the energy we can get. I am looking forward to it, and so is Clint, what a nice way to celebrate his 29th birthday.

Day 5 – Friday 10th April – Cinque Terre – Clints 29th Birthday and Good Friday

What a lovely day!!! Exhausting!!! But lovely :o)

Today we woke up around 8am and got ready for our day of walking around Cinque Terre.

I gave Clint a card and a book I had heard him talk about b4 – and said a big happy birthday to him!

So we were ready by about 9am. The first part of the walk was from Riomaggiore (where we are staying) to Manorola – a casual 20 minute 1 km walk. This track had some hills but was quite nice. We got there, had a small wander around and continued on our way.

From Manorola to Corniglia – a one hour and ten minute walk – approx 1km walk....lots more steps, uneven paths can tell by the estimated times I've written (taken from the brochure) that obviously the walking track (if you call it that, is getting more difficult.

Lots of photos were taken along the way. The weather is turning out to be amazing and we feel very blessed as the forecast in previous weeks in Italy was nothing like this.

We walked quickly around Corniglia – it was not as well signed as the last town! And the 382 steps we had to climb to get there were a major pain. From Corniglia next stop is Vernazza – meant to take approx 1 and a half hours and is 4km. This walk was quite hilly, lots of going up and down steps (I am not good at all with going down steps, I must be quite a sight to watch!), thin uneven paths. I must say though, it was so nice when we saw the next town in the distance, it certainly gave me motivation to keep going!

This was our fave town of all, lots to see and it had a beautiful Marina.

Cinque Terre, I think, would be a photographers dream, especially in the lovely weather we had.

Our last walk, and the one where I actually felt was the most difficult was the walk from Vernazza to Monterosso – 2 hour – 3km...A belly full of salad probably didn't help to much though. This walk began with a lot of steep steps (the part I found hard) then it went into a very thin and uneven trail, ending in going down a S&^%load of steep, no hand rail, rocky steps!!! They took me completely out of my comfort zone. But WE DID IT!!

Arriving at Monterosso was such a relief! Knowing that we were finished and achieved our goal for today was lovely. This town was large, had a popular rocky beach and lots of restaurants.

We decided to catch the last ferry back to Riomaggiore so we could see the towns of Cinque Terre from a different angle. And rest too :oP

When we arrived back we went back to the marina and chilled out for ½ an hour or so before having a rest in our room – much needed after the walk today.

In all, Clint's birthday was a lovely day – and what better way to see it than walking between the towns of Cinque Terre ----> the pictures do not do the place justice – its just too beautiful, I'm sure you will agree.

If the places we have been to so far Venice, Verona and Cinque Terre are an indication of our entire trip I think Italy might just be my favourite place so far.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What an amazing experience. The photos are unbelievable. It's a part of Italy I haven't been to yet. Maybe next time. Take care Rita x

Anonymous said...

It was a great way for clinton to remember his birthday. & what great scenes you saw. Better than doing a tour .Only 6 more sleeps before carmen arrives. She is very excited. Take care. Love Grandma.idectica

Anonymous said...

I WANT TO GO KID!!! what a beautiful place, wish i could have been in time to go running with the bulls with Clint (think I might have just watched LOL)...anways see ya in 6 days or something like that. Love Fass oxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel, Love the photo's. I am really glad you took them. There is noway i would ever be able to walk all those steps.Please eat something other than salad. It is a crime to not try such amazing food. very jealous of clinton and his gelati.Take care & update soon. Dying to see egypt. love Aunty Rhonda xoxoxo.