A lovely Sunday - 22nd March

A lovely sunny Sunday in London.

Well for starters ... 'sun' does not happen very often so it is wise to take full advantage of it. Another thing is, Clint not working on a nice sunny day does not happen very often either.
So we decided to go for a walk to and around Regent's Park - which was very close to us when we lived in Caledonian Rd and now even closer now we live in Camden! (15 mins walk).
We just chilled out, wandered round the park, sat for a while and walked home along the canal.

It was a lovely day! I hope to have more days like this once the weather gets a bit better :o)

Regents Park - the grass area.

Some lovely daffodils in the park that caught my eye.

One of the streams through the park.

Me and my boy.

Canal and canal boat on the walk home.

Some of you may be wondering why I am updating so much?!?!?! The computer at school lets you upload photos sooo quickly that it is halving (probably way more than halving really!) time to do the blog......which means if I update at school in my own time after school, more posts may be able to happen :o) Lets just see shall we!


Anonymous said...

hi raquel, very glad you are updating more often. we worry much less about you when we can see you are well & enjoying yourself. take care we love you heaps aunty rhonda, uncle glenn & monsters.

Anonymous said...

It is great to get some more news of what you are up to. Enjoy your time together when you can. Love Grandma.

Mal said...

wow what a great time you had in italy! soooo jealous! just popped over from charm's blog party:)