PACS - My Scrapbooking Weekend in Italy - 26th March to 30th March

Some of you know that I went on a scrapbooking weekend to Italy late March all on my own.

The weekend, I was so excited about, as some well known scrappers were teaching there and I knew I could not miss it.

So I took the leap, booked myself in for 8 classes and booked my flights to Naples, Italy.

I was getting so nervous and anxious the closer and closer the event came. And tried hard to get all the supplies I needed and bits and bobs, so I actually had tools and papers to scrap with.

The weekend came around's a recap!

Thursday 26th March - London to Naples
Well I caught the flight to Naples, all went smoothly without any hassles! Got to the airport with some time to kill, read a book, had a coffee, etc. Getting to the accommodation however, was a big drama! I had an old Italian man trying to chat me up who walked with me to the station and who I thought would never leave me alone, walked in the dark in the worst part in Italy with all my big cases and could not communicate with anyone, left all the contact details of the place and people in London (all I knew was the hotel name) and then hopped in the car with an owner of a shop, who, thank god, drove me to the hotel and I DID get their SAFELY in the end!!! As you can imagine, I was close to tears (I didn't cry though!) and feeling mighty stressed!

The hotel staff were nice, gave me my key and I settled into my room (it was approx 10pm by this stage) before the early start and classes at 8.30am the next morning.

Eagerly watching the departure board for my gate number.

This kept me busy while I was waiting.

All ready to board!

The plane!

The arrival gates in Naples - I'm in Italy!!!

Baggage reclaim - the most annoying thing for travellers, waiting for bags!

As you can imagine, I sooo did not feel like taking any more photos after the whole getting to the hotel that night, so this is all I have to share of the first day!

Friday 27th March - First day of classes
Woke up nice and early, could hardly sleep I was so excited! And got myself ready.....some photos of my room.

A selfie of me - very happy! Excited to be in Italy scrapping....

First class was at 8.30am with Simona to make a Funky Folder! Very funky let me tell you!

My finished product! Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I had another class with Simona to make Mr Owl......and he is just too cute also, so proud!

Last class was with Elsie, to make a small mini album. Some photos.....

The girls I have met at PACS are so lovely.....even though I don't speak a word of Italian everyone has been so welcoming and friendly and I am so appreciative! Got chatting to a lovely lady called Bev who is the owner and designer of Banana Frog stamps in the UK....she was my buddy for the weekend as apart from a couple of other people - we were the only english speaking people. Couldnt have thought of a more lovely and friendly person to be 'english' with!

The day was very big, full of classes, and not over yet. To end my first day I had my 4th and last class with Emily Falconbridge (fellow aussie scrapper). This is another beautiful and down to earth person I got to meet on the trip! So lovely, and the class was really cool, we made 3 pages in the class - using gesso or paints on them - techniques I had not used before. Poor girl was feeling a bit under the weather (she is pregnant) and still pushed through!

Tired and exhausted, stayed up til around midnight cropping, nice to be doing some of my own scrapping - just cos'. Then crashed in bed, looking forward to what my second day of classes would bring.

Finished my guest page entry (one girl at the end of the weekend won the book of everyones pages).

Saturday 28th March, 2009

Woke up again bright and early ready to get into more scrapping. No point sleeping in, after all I am not there to sleep but SCRAP!

Some more selfies - decided to take one everyday of the trip as part of documenting all.

I did not have any classes first think in the morning, so I got stuck into a couple of pages for a competition.

I completed a layout inspired by a movie. My choice was hairspray, and I copied the blocking theme and edited my photo a variety of colours also.

Then I completed a layout using one of their kits on Camden. I cannot put a photo of this layout in - I'll tell you why soon!

Finished the day doing a class with Elsie, making some felt embellishments.

Another crop night tonight! Good fun!

Sunday 29th March, 2009

Another early start! I was really looking forward to today as I had my class with Celine Navaro!!! Love her stuff and knew I was gonna be pushed to do somethings outside of my normal scrapping style.

A selfie, taken in the morning before the classes started.

Celines classes, what can I say - PAINT PAINT PAINT! haha. I loved them! I did two classes that morning with Celine, the first one a mini album using plumbers tape and the second one a layout using paint, finger painting! Heres some pictures....

Celine - showing us what to do.

My kit of goodies, loving it!

Would not get through the day without this...

Me and Celine, she is so lovely!

The album - this is pictures of her example.

The paint class - her layout

My unfinished layout....

What great classes! I was so happy with the techniques learned.

I was all in the mood after that and decided to do another class cos they had a spot, with Lory....her stuff is so funky and cool.

This was the class I did - her examples.

To end the weekend we went out for dinner. So lovely and I am so happy that I made the choice to do this, even if I was on my not regret it for a second.

I met some awesome people and had a ball.

Last day - Monday 30th March

Back to London, and reality!!!!!!!!!!

The hotel sign...

The plane for London

My favourite place :o)

Back to London, and reality!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am sure you must of had a great weekend & learnt a lot. You look good in all af your photos. It was a great learning curve for youLove Grandma. & meeting new people.

Debbie said...

I am jealous....all that scrapping..Wish I was there too :)
You made some awesome stuff and to meet all those talented scrappers...WOW!!!

Steph Mitchell said...

Wow, sounds like you are having a fabulous time over there!! Reading through some of your travels reminded me of my trip to UK 30 years ago although I didn't get to the continent. Your scrapping trip to Italy sounds wonderful! Good one you for doing it!!

Steph (one of Bon's girls)

Charmane said...

OMG How excitement Raquel - meeting all the famous scrappers! You must have had a ball!!!

thanks for the chat! We miss you at Bon's MWAH!!! Can't wait to see some of your NEW creations!!!

Love ya!


Marelle said...

Looks likeyou had a fab time
Poor Em looked unwell though
I have lived in London and worked there and travelled all over Europe many many years ago too long to tell you but your pics brought back lots of wonderful memories!
Marelle (another Bons girl)
and Geelong girl

LIly'sMummy said...

OMG!! How lucky are you to be able to that!! I'm definitly jealous of you!!!LOL!!! Fantastic blog and Fantastic Layouts!

Giovanna said...

sorry, have been bad blog-friend. LIfe has been crazy wild here. So glad you managed to scrap again and your work is looking FAB-O ...fancy rubbing shoulders with all the famous people!!! Will you ever love us again????
Love the hair-do, too!!!!

Mel Nunn said...

OMG OMG!!! I am *so* jealous!!!! You lucky lucky thing. I would have gone with you if I had the chance hun!! SO glad you are enjoying your time over there.

Guess who is studying to be a teacher now too!!!