We moved!!!!! To my favourite place in London ever....Camden

Quick update to say Clint and I are no longer in a 'shared house' so to speak, but are now living in our own basement flat with a bedroom and kitchen dining area. The toilet is outside of the room and shower, but thats not a bother!

As of the 25th April, we moved!

Speaking of 25th April - Anzac Day. At that time last year, Clint and I were in Gallipoli. What a moving experience that was. Gee....a year has gone by so quickly. Unfortunately, due to our move, Clint and I did not attend the dawn service or any other rememberance event. Also a day where I, myself, think about my Nanny Williams whose birthday it was on Anzac Day.....(miss you nan xox).

Anyways, we are loving having our own space and a place that we can really make our own!

Isn't it cute?!?!?!

The links to transport are unreal.....we have the overland (what I get to work) about 3 mins walk away and the tube line about 6 mins walk away. A supermarket is 5 mins walk. And Camden, we have found so far, has the best links to buses ever - you can go anywhere on a bus from Camden (including good night buses too!). Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that the Camden Market is also around a 6-8 minute walk! Soooooooo loving it!

I'm sure there will be more pictures and posts about Camden in the future!

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Anonymous said...

I have just seen your new flat. It looks very cosy. Hope you are both well. Love. Grandma,