The Ritz - Saturday June 20th

On Saturday June 20th I went for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz with some girls from work.

We had organised to go quite a while ago as it was something I wanted to do whilst over in London. So a group of us (around 9) decided we would book and go.

I went and shopped for a new outfit; new dress and jewellery. Got my hair blowdried and cut, even matched my nail polish to my outfit and had cute little gems on my nails too!

We met up prior to when the tea begun and had a drink in The Ritz bar - just cos you have to! If you are going to go to all the trouble of dressing up and paying for afternoon tea, you may as well make it worth your while. So I chose a champagne cocktail - £16 later - haha (that's approx. 30 aussie) but was worth it.

The afternoon tea itself was lovely, couldn't have left there hungry- that's for sure!

We went out to a club for a drink later. Was just the loveliest night!

Out the front of the Ritz

The yummy coffee and champagne

Ohhh yum, the cakes!

The whole platter

Jo and I

The table, so posh - nice silverware

The bathroom - very swisho!

Photos of Me from night

Group shots


Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel, you looked gorgeous. i'm glad you had a nice time at the Ritz. Very glad to see you looking so great. No way in hell i'd pay that for one drink though. lots of love aunty rhonda xoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

glad you did somehing that you wanted to do. You looked great. I hope that you forgot about your diet & ate all the nice cakes. Good to keep up with your news. Love Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel, wow you look fantastic - so relaxed and elegant!!! It's obvious you are having thr best time. Take care Rita x