I want to win some! Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist....

Tattered Angels is running a contest over this weekend. They have released new glimmer mist and to win all I need to do is post a piccie of this awesome stuff and a say how great it is! Easy hey :o) I really do think these colours are funky by the way - very my kind of colours!

*Glimmer Mist** is the **same great product with a* *Fabulous NEW Look!*

Clint is off to 'Running with the Bulls' today in Spain.....he is gonna have an awesome time :o)

I am sure I will be able to update you all on it soon.


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Anonymous said...

Hi raquel, I will say a prayer for clinton. I think you have to be a bit mad to run with the bulls. Hope he can run real fast. lots of love aunty rhonda xoxoxo.