Last Day of School - Friday 17th July, 09

Well....the time had come to say goodbye to all the gorgeous kiddies, parents and staff from my school.

Carmen came to school with me for support and to see the school and my classroom.

A very emotional time for me ....... got some absolutely beautiful and thoughtful presents from the children and some of the staff. Very spoiled....

To celebrate end of term we went out to the local pub.

The pub had an open mic night on where the locals bought their guitars, sat around a table and played and sang all night.

It was an awesome night, so nice to catch up with people in different settings, relax and have a drink. I designated myself 'tambourine girl' and wouldnt let anyone else touch it all night, haha.

Woke up a bit sore and sorry the next morning with a bit of a headache, and bruises on my hand, hip and knee (yes, all from the tambourine!!!, haha).

Definately gonna catch up with all my school pals before we leave London again for another session......was a great night.

Some pictures from the night.......

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Anonymous said...

It seemed like a good night. One for you to remember. Have a good trip. Love Grandma.