Regina Spektor - Serpentine Sessions - 29th May, 09

Well, luckily whilst reading a paper over here I saw a small snippet about Regina Spektor playing some intimate sessions in London - one concert only sorta thing. I love her music and have for quite a while now and collected quite a lot of her back catalogue stuff and live music.....she is very quirky and unusual - maybe thats why I like her music.

Anyway, Clint and I went to the concert on the monday night, was at Hyde Park, in a tent - smallish crowd and an awesome night of live music.

There were other bands playing outside the tent from around 4 in the arvo. Clint and I got there round 6 pulled up a piece of grass, had a picnic with some goodies we bought from the supermarket.....was great. Then went in to the concert roung 7.45pm, before it began at 8pm.

Managed to find a YouTube clip from the night, her singing 'Poor little rich boy ' here it is......

The amazing this about this was not only was she singing, but she was also playing the piano with one hand and drumming with her other hand on the!

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