Running With The Bulls - 3rd July to the 8th July, 09

This is Clint's time at Running with the Bulls, Pamploma Spain ...... in pictures.

Because I write the blog I can only relay what he said as something along the lines of 'the most scariest but awesome experience ever!'.

He had a ball and this was something he has always wanted to do when we came overseas.

He went on the trip with Adam, a mate he works with, and they headed to Spain on a bus, yes! a bus.....20 something hours later they were in Spain! Crazy, yes, I think they were aware of that, but apparently the bus is something you gotta do and has a real party atmosphere, drinking, being boys, and the like.

While there he saw San Sebastian, ate Tapas, was at the Opening Ceremony, Ran with the Bulls and drank, drank, drank, haha.

Here is his pictures......I have commented on the pictures (hopefully I am right)....don't forget to view the video he took in the bull ring!
San Sebastian

Thought Ray would like this!

Eating Tapas and drinking sangria


Clint and Adam
Opening Ceremony (I think)

That's Sangria on their tops, not sweat!

The Run...

His video....not very good quality, but you get an idea about what it was actually like.

The doorway he ducked into to get out the way of a bull!

Closing ceremony....


Anonymous said...

It was a great experience for you Clinton. Hope that you dont want to go again. It was a worring time until I knew that you were back in London safely. I can see why Raquel didnt want to go. Not long now until you take off again on your new adventure. Make the most of it & enjoy yourselves. Love Grandma.

Anonymous said...

glad the mad bugger is okay.not my cup of aunty rhonda.