Visitors Time ....... Carmen, Ray, Gemma and little gorgeous Max

Tuesday 14th July, we had 4 visitors arriving in London. Carmen from Australia and also Ray, Gemma and Max from New Zealand.
For the next couple of weeks after their arrival we did some 'London-y' things with them, saw the sights, etc.
Heres some photos from their time here.....isnt Max-y just too cute!?!?!

Poor Max got used to my camera flash by the end of the trip, thats for sure!

A trip to starbucks, haha

Along the Thames

Carmen and I

At the Wimbledon Dogs....

A bus adventure to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden

Clinton feeding Max.....went slightly wrong!

Getting into the Fosters

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Anonymous said...

Yes Max is really cute. He would of kept you all on your toes & had plenty of nurse maids was probably spoilt.You sure had a house full. You will be busy this week with Carmen there & doing all the touristy things with her. Glad that you have caught up on all of your blogs. They are very interesting to read.Have a good trip. Love Grandma.