I've been busy!

Well, it's new years eve tomorrow and also gorgeous little Max-ys 1st birthday. So I decided to whip up tonight a nice lil album for him.

Photos used are from his trip to London with his mummy and daddy, Ray and Gemma. I went a bit camera crazy cos he is just too cute.

Products used on album were a bit limited unfortunately as some of my scrapping stuff is still in storage....I used a kaiser train as the base.

I took photos on my phone, it's 1am so not the best light! The album is still not bound either, will pop into Chandon and get some jump rings in the morning.

That's all for now...

Trying to think of my resolutions for the new year and my 'word' for the year....hopefully next update I can include it.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

hi raquel, welcome home sweetie. we can't wait to catch up with you. hope to come down your way soon, its a bit hard to get uncle glenn out of bed and moving. he gets up at 6am every work day so i suppose i can't blame him too much. say hi to your dad & clinton for us. have a safe and happy new year lots of love aunty rhonda.

Marelle said...

Oh such a cute mini album hope you have a great day !