My Word - 2010

So....I have taken quite a while to update for the new year as I have been thinking about my 'word' for the goals, what I want to aim for, etc.

So my word is......

achieve [əˈtʃiːv]
vb (tr)
1. to bring to a successful conclusion; accomplish; attain
2. to gain as by hard work or effort to achieve success

I want to achieve:
* success in my relationships; with Clint, my family and friends (continuing the strong bond with my long time friends and making new ones)

* success in my workplace and help the children in my class achieve their full potential.

* success in my scrapbooking layouts which I hope to be proud of; that document my life, who I love and what is special to me right now - if that means getting published also I will consider that a bonus!

* success in how I view myself as a person, my confidence, my looks, etc.....I want to feel comfortable to be able to be 'me'!

So thats my aim for the year, I want my word to permeate throughout my whole life, to really embrace my word, and try my hardest to 'achive' all my goals in 2010!

Other things:
* Clint's Pa passed away on the 10th of this month, although it was very hard for the family, the service was lovely and I couldn't have thought of a better way to remember and reflect on Pa's long life - he was the ripe old age of 91 when he passed! We are so grateful for the christmas we just spent together and his 91st birthday....he'll be remembered always.

* I have joined this group of 13 other ladies in Geelong to do a year long challenge and create 8x8 canvas pages for each other - should be fun (and already a good start to my 'word' as I will be meeting some new people in doing this!

* I have a year long class happening at Chandon (more info can be found here) I am really excited and enthusiastic about this and hope the participants will be too!

* I am itching to get scrapping - some of the challenges at Bon's are just waiting for me to get started on - also hoping to catch up with the girls with Marelle next Friday night, should be good fun!

'Til next time, xoxo


Mal said...

nice word! good luck with 2010! and love the new blog look!

Felicity said...

Love your new look blog.
Great word for 2010 :) x

Marelle said...

Hi Honey great word
love the new look blog
see you on the 22nd !

Anonymous said...

You have done a good job as always. It is great to read all your comments & see the photos. Love Grandma.