A new page and some pics from Train

Wow! What can I say? Train .... I don't have enough words to describe how much I loved this!

This was the third time I have seen these guys and boy, they were incredible! Carmen and i got down the front ( i made sure of that, i was determined to be close to the stage). Such good interaction with the crowd, I was so excited during one of the songs when Pat crouched down and sang a verse to me, haha I melted!!!

Then during one of my Dave songs, Marry Me, he came down along the rail and was so close singing in all the girls ears and touching their faces (including mine) haha oh my- I sound like a crazy school girl!! But it was a great night. He did quick requests at end too - forgot some lyrics including my request but still great, nothing can fault it :o)

Carmen helped me get Jimmy's setlist at the end of the night too, think it needs to be framed!

A dude from Beat magazine was taking photos, including one of me and Carmen - so these are taken from beat.com.au and my own pics:

Blurry pic of me with the setlist at the end.

So all in all a brilliant concert, a very memorable experience... Bring on October when they are back!

It's my holidays now. Have not done a lot really. Last Friday I went to a crop with the Bon's girls.. I do not have any pics as such, just pics of the page I did.

Layout title: My 3 Essentials

Not much else has been happening, I have worked a couple of days at Chandon, and are working a few next week too so that is keeping me busy.

Clint and I got a new bed setting, it's very nice but the bed is taking some getting used to, will have to post a pic of it soon it's a bit cute!

I'm op shopping for crafty things tomorrow then getting my hair done- should be a nice day.

On Friday I am hoping to see this

Should be good!!!!

Not much else planned for the holidays, a week is almost over and I have only scrapped once so I want to make a big effort to get some more done - just cos I can and have time.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have some pages to share really soon

Take care, xox

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I'm seeing these boys tomorrow night

Can't begin to describe how excited I am!!!

Hoping to hear lots of my fave songs!!! Can't wait !!!!!


Take care, xox

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My weekend.....

Well I have just come back from a weekend away on a scrapbooking retreat in Lancefield with my aunty Mandy.

We had been on a retreat in Lancefield before I left to go overseas but haven't been on one since I've been back.

This was organized by Michelle and Paula (scrapbooking with Paula) - we had a lovely time ... I really loved just the chance to sit and scrap as I hadn't scrapped for like over three weeks! The girls who went on the retreat were lovely and I am looking forward to going on another one with them hopefully on November.

I managed to get four pages done for the weekend, I know some people can do that many in one night - but four is good for me in the time I had :o)

Layout title: Life is always busy .. At Meerkat Manor

Layout title: My Mr Grumpy Face Always

Layout title: Feeding Max

Layout title: La Dolce Vita - The Good Life

Overall was a great weekend, productive with my scrapping. I'm really happy with the pages I got done.

Tomorrow is parent teacher interviews- it's going to be a very long day!!!

Then Friday is Train!!!!! Whoo hoo.....I've been waiting since 2003 for these guys to grace our shores again, gonna be a great night!!! :o)

Saturday night will possibly be a scrapping night with the Bon's girls.....a busy week ahead!!

Anyways, time for bed

Take care, xox

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Forgot to add!

I had another page picked up for publication in Entreartists magazine in France!!!! One of Clint that I loved and was really proud of so yeah!!!!!!

Take care , xox

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Some scrapping....

Here are some pages I did in May- only had chance to photograph them now

Layout title: may 09

And another -

Layout title: 6 Steps to nose piercing

That's all for now... I have been flat out with school and reports and have not scrapped for over three weeks now!

I am heading to a scrapbooking retreat this weekend so really looking forward to having a chance to sit down and scrap!!!!!

Can't wait :)

Take care
Raquel xox

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Sydney - a quick recap

Well Clint and I had a small weekend in Sydney at the end of may.

Had a lovely time, stayed close to the harbour....did lots of walking -reminded us of all our overseas travels ... So nice.

The trip made me really miss travelling and I really hope we can start planning another holiday soon!

Some pictures taken with hipstamatic on my iPhone.

Was great to catch up with Rob and Jess while we were there too, we went out for dinner to the Lowenbrau pub which is a German pub Beer that Clint loved when we visited Germany. We also had a meal at their house on the Sunday... I'm sure we will catch up with them again soon.

We went to the aquarium on the Monday - this place was amazing . I have better pics but they're on my other camera.

Anyways, just a short Sydney recap. Will update with scrapping pages next

Take care
Raquel xox

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