My weekend.....

Well I have just come back from a weekend away on a scrapbooking retreat in Lancefield with my aunty Mandy.

We had been on a retreat in Lancefield before I left to go overseas but haven't been on one since I've been back.

This was organized by Michelle and Paula (scrapbooking with Paula) - we had a lovely time ... I really loved just the chance to sit and scrap as I hadn't scrapped for like over three weeks! The girls who went on the retreat were lovely and I am looking forward to going on another one with them hopefully on November.

I managed to get four pages done for the weekend, I know some people can do that many in one night - but four is good for me in the time I had :o)

Layout title: Life is always busy .. At Meerkat Manor

Layout title: My Mr Grumpy Face Always

Layout title: Feeding Max

Layout title: La Dolce Vita - The Good Life

Overall was a great weekend, productive with my scrapping. I'm really happy with the pages I got done.

Tomorrow is parent teacher interviews- it's going to be a very long day!!!

Then Friday is Train!!!!! Whoo hoo.....I've been waiting since 2003 for these guys to grace our shores again, gonna be a great night!!! :o)

Saturday night will possibly be a scrapping night with the Bon's girls.....a busy week ahead!!

Anyways, time for bed

Take care, xox

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Nicolee said...

take my hat off to you Raquel for getting that many pages done...WOW AWESOME effort!!! and they are stunning too!
Love ur blog
have a great school hols! I know I'm really looking forward to it...I work as TA, with kids with special needs....bring on some me time! ENjoy urs

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel, Love all your pages but Feeding Max is gorgeous. Hope it makes Clinton clucky. Enjoy your holidays Love A.Rhonda.