Sydney - a quick recap

Well Clint and I had a small weekend in Sydney at the end of may.

Had a lovely time, stayed close to the harbour....did lots of walking -reminded us of all our overseas travels ... So nice.

The trip made me really miss travelling and I really hope we can start planning another holiday soon!

Some pictures taken with hipstamatic on my iPhone.

Was great to catch up with Rob and Jess while we were there too, we went out for dinner to the Lowenbrau pub which is a German pub Beer that Clint loved when we visited Germany. We also had a meal at their house on the Sunday... I'm sure we will catch up with them again soon.

We went to the aquarium on the Monday - this place was amazing . I have better pics but they're on my other camera.

Anyways, just a short Sydney recap. Will update with scrapping pages next

Take care
Raquel xox

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