They're nearly over!!

Well it's hard to believe the school holidays are nearly over!! My gosh - time went so quick.

I have a new layout to share which I finished Wednesday. This was for the paper of the month challenge at Bons... To use this paper on a layout.

Layout title: Memories of London Town

Funnily enough, the paper is actually a map of central London - perfect paper for this photo I took during a stroll in that very same place....

The last couple of weeks has really had me thinking about all the places I've seen, people I met and different things we did while overseas- I really miss it.

Not sure where life is heading since being here, felt like I had more direction when I was overseas. I knew what was coming up, what to look forward to, I'm not quite feeling like that and I don't like it.

Sorry enough now, in a reflective mood at the moment and my analysing mind is taking over!!!

Anyways, a quiet Saturday night in tonight, think I might finish this update and sit and scrap.


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R and J ....

Just a quick pop in with a layout share, this is a page of my brother and I taken at Christmas last year.

Journaling reflects my belief that we are mire similar than he thinks, not only in looks but also emotionally - we are both quite sensitive people.

Page was completed for Bon's - room of the month - to be inspired by this room.

I used the pink tones, the frill on the sheet and the dangling or ornament on the cupboard door.

Layout title: R & J

Really liking scrapping at the moment, MORE than usual - probably because I have had more time to spend doing it...

Working at Chandon next three days so before I know it I will be back at school!!!!

I have scrapped another page today so will share that in the next couple of days.

Also, any comments and blog love would be really welcomed!! Say "Hi!"...

Raquel xxx

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I'm scrapping!

Just a quick post, happy cos it's holidays and I am actually spending time doing something I love! Scrapping!

On a side note, had a bit of a 'lightbulb' moment last night, in terms of my health- fingers crossed that the 'light' stays switched on!

Saw Eclipse and loved it!! Had a great night with my girls...

Reading a good book, 1000 Splendid Suns- think it's been out for a while, I'm a bit slow, haha.

That's bout all ... Procrastinating and wanna get back to scrapping!

Take care, xx

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