They're nearly over!!

Well it's hard to believe the school holidays are nearly over!! My gosh - time went so quick.

I have a new layout to share which I finished Wednesday. This was for the paper of the month challenge at Bons... To use this paper on a layout.

Layout title: Memories of London Town

Funnily enough, the paper is actually a map of central London - perfect paper for this photo I took during a stroll in that very same place....

The last couple of weeks has really had me thinking about all the places I've seen, people I met and different things we did while overseas- I really miss it.

Not sure where life is heading since being here, felt like I had more direction when I was overseas. I knew what was coming up, what to look forward to, I'm not quite feeling like that and I don't like it.

Sorry enough now, in a reflective mood at the moment and my analysing mind is taking over!!!

Anyways, a quiet Saturday night in tonight, think I might finish this update and sit and scrap.


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Anonymous said...

Love that layout - that pic is perfect for the photos! Back to school again - those holidays went by too fast!

Anonymous said...

Dear Raquel, goes without saying layout is great. You are a very lucky girl to have seen and done what you have. What your feeling is completly normal. Life is boring most of the time. We have to give ourselves something to look forward to. You need to plan something even if it is 12 months away. Australia is a great place to explore. Not nearly as exciting as Europe but better than a kick in the head. Hope you find something to get excited about. Love aunty Rhonda.

Giovanna (GiGi) said...

hello raquel, love that little globe charm
left you something spesh on my blog xx