New Layouts ....

Short update today as its school holidays and just cos I can....thought I'd upload with recent creations, I say recent, however recent is I have been doing these pages or completed them in the last couple of weeks.

Layout Title: Victoria Harbour.

Page is my first one of our first day in Hong Kong, finally made a start to that travel album.

Layout title: A Special Gift

This is a page of the gorgeous Pandora Charms that Margie gave us when we were heading to Paris together, only to open them when we were on the Eurostar.

Layout title: Night Life

My Second page in Hong King Photos.

Layout title: I {heart} my iphone

Very addicted to this lil thing, edited photos in PS so only colour was showing in phone, rest black and white. Used some of one of my Bons kits, very lovely kits, if your looking for a reasonable prices monthly kit in Aus.

Layout title: Hard Choice

Image on layout taken from - all about the sort of dog I want compared to what Clint wants, completely opposite really.

So its holidays now, Monday I spent the day sparkling up the house, doing a bit of spring cleaning, boy it looks so nice now.
Tuesday (yesterday) went to gym, cleaned car, did washing, hung out with my mumma, thats bout it really.Got some nice decorative stuff for the loungeroom to go with the new couches, purples now, so now I have a pink room (study) green room (dining) and purple room (lounge) oh and teal/aqua room (bathroom).

Today, not much planned, feeling a bit blah, changed my eating plan and its not really agreeing with my digestive system, haha. Think I might pop into town and have a little window shopping time, maybe Chandon .... see what new stuff is in.

Thats bout it, op shopping with Clints mum and husband tomorrow, cant wait! So much fun and hopefully bargains, unique little pieces to be found :)

Then Saturday working......nothing else planned, I decided I needed to have a proper break this holidays as I found the last few weeks of last term really tough with the kids, and dont know if its cos I was working too hard and havent really had a full holiday break this year, or just cos the kids are being tough.....think its more me then them. So bring on the rest.....and lets see at the start of next term.

Hopefully will fit some scrapping in too :)

Got a new box of Studio Calico goodies, Septembers Kit, so excited to get stuck into that!