A few things...

My gosh , I just did a big post from blogger on my phone and lost it all!!!!

Here it goes ... Again

My heart goes out to all the people involved in the floods at the moment. I have a good friend who is on flood warnings at the moment in Victoria. I cannot even imagine what people affected are going through right now, I cannot comprehend or even imagine their thoughts and feelings. I am so proud to see on the news all the people of QLD and Australia lending a helping hand, even when the 'powers' are not doing quite as much as they could be.

On a lighter note, but a similar topic...oh where oh where is or Summer?!?!?!? My gosh, I do not even feel like we have had one. This was taken Tuesday on a trip to Melbourne, it was bucketing down!!!! I spent a few hours visiting my aunty and cousins, and luckily the way home was not nearly as bad.

On Saturday night, I went for a lil trip to Bons house in Melbourne for a scrap. Thanks Leonie for being my travel buddy. Was a lovely night, I always love catching up with the Bon's girls, and do not really even mind the fact that I may have to travel 1 1/2 hours to get there, although I must say I would love if they were a lot closer, then we could have lil crops all the time! :o)

I only have sneaks, as the light tonight is not too good in here.

First one is a sneak of a page for Stuck Sketches this month....my first go at a Stuck Sketch ever.....very happy with how this one came together.

This next layout is for Kraft it Up, my first page for this one too, this is Januarys challenge.

This is a card I have made for a special someone, I really should make cards more often, all I used was a sheet of cardstock for the base and some scraps of papers I've used recently. Its quite simple in design but I really love it.

Another CHA sneak I thought looked interesting - I think I would really like to see this one in real life before I say I LOVE LOVE it....

Thats it, will post the full layouts soon.
Two more weeks of holidays....gee they are going VERY fast.
Plans are to enjoy the last couple of weeks, get the house in order (clean out my wardrobe being number one priority), do some visiting and catching up with people and also scrapping - can't forget that!!
Take care

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