My word for 2011....EMBRACE

With the help of my lovely Facebook friends I came up with my word for 2011.....Embrace....

I was trying to think of a word that encapsulated all that was going to be happy this year, with a new job position and challenge at work, a wedding to plan, a house to buy and an end of the year overseas trip to plan. Now I am a bit of a stressor - and to achieve all of these things and be successful I know I will need to remain level headed and 'embrace' each thing, one step at a time, to make sure I enjoy this exciting journey ahead. Therefore with the help of the lovelyGigi, the word embrace came to be my word for this year.

1.To clasp or hold close with the arms, usually as an expression of affection.
a.To surround; enclose: We allowed the warm water to embrace us.
b.To twine around: a trellis that was embraced by vines.
3.To include as part of something broader. See synonyms at include.
4.To take up willingly or eagerly: embrace a social cause.
5.To avail oneself of: "I only regret, in my chilled age, certain occasions and possibilities I didn't embrace" (Henry James).

A reflection on last years word 'achieve'

My goal was to achieve success in:

* success in my relationships; with Clint, my family and friends (continuing the strong bond with my long time friends and making new ones)

I think I did this one....I managed to take the next step with Clint who is now my fiance, continue my friendships with my current friends and make new scrappy buddy friends too!

* success in my workplace and help the children in my class achieve their full potential.

Last year was a tough year in school, but I did manage to have a good year. I applied for a position to teach in Grade 4 an Open Learning Classroom within my school and got it (the first classroom of this sort in our school) which professionally means a lot of professional development and a bit of excitement on my behalf to be able to embrace this new contemporary style of teaching. Also, with my strength being Literacy, I have got a position on the Literacy Team for the 2011 school year.

* success in my scrapbooking layouts which I hope to be proud of; that document my life, who I love and what is special to me right now - if that means getting published also I will consider that a bonus!

A good year, scrapbooking wise, with numerous layouts being accepted for publication in scrapping magazines. The first in a French mag, then a newbie acceptance to Scrapbook Creations, a number in Scrapbooking Memories and the most recent achievement in Creating Keepsakes. Most acceptances though, will appear in the magazines towards the start of this year. I managed to also begin documenting my travel through scrapbooking and are nearly finished my Hong Kong album, with the next goal being to start my Turkey album - whilst continuing to scrap those everyday photos that I love :)

* success in how I view myself as a person, my confidence, my looks, etc.....I want to feel comfortable to be able to be 'me'!

Personally, I think this year has been a good one for me......I always find I go through highs and lows - but the majority of my year and personal views of myself and my life has been positive which has been great!

So this years word 'Embrace' -

*I want to embrace all of the opportunities that come my way and give my best in all that I do....I want to make sure that I do not let things get the better of me/on top of me....but embrace all that comes my way, hold it nice and close, treasure the special times and surround myself with these positive and exciting opportunities.

*Looking forward to a big year ahead*

On a lighter note, with the revamp of my blog and my word for 2011.....I have decided to add a followers bar to my blog.

Anyone who follows my blog will have a chance to score some scrappy goodness from me!!!!!(I consider that I do good RAK (Randon Act of Kindness) packs - just ask the lovely Gi)

*You get an extra ticket in the draw if you comment on my RAK on your blog, and let me know about it by leaving a comment in this post*

I will close my 'followers' mission and your chance to win a RAK on Sunday 30th Jan......lets see how many I can get!!!!

Here are some pics, I tried to coordinated the pack and did a quick guestimate and there is approx. $80 of retail value here!

Good luck!!!!!!

Take care


Chantal said...

Hi Raquel! I'm already a follower (the first!). So yay! :D

Crystal Bowman said...

I'm following you now!! The new blog "look" is awesome too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart, I wish you all the best for 2011. I hope all your dreams come true. Good luck with the new position at school. I know you will do well. New blog looks fantastic, I think I might be a bit biased if I give you a score. I'm going to give you 10/10 every time. Love you very much Aunty Rhondaxoxoxo.

shelza said...

I dont have a blog but u know i stalk urs all the time lol the new look is beautiful! great idea on the RAK pack! definitely think u should start making these up and selling them!

Chloe :-) said...

Good luck with your word for the year :-)
Great RAK, I joined your followers and thanks for the chance :-)

Irma said...

Hi Raquel,
I became a follower and reposted this RAK on my blog here:

Good luck with the word for the new year! I'm trying to narrow it down from a long list but it's between 'present' and 'moment'. I want to be more in the present moment instead of hurrying along and wishing for what could be in the future.

Catie said...

what an amazing RAK you have up for grabs!!! Love the look of your blog, and best of luck with your word for this year.... sounds like you went great with last year's word! WTG!
I am a follower and have advertised your blog and comp here:

Thanks for the chance to follow and to enter!

Chantal said...

Hi again Raquel! Just letting you know that I posted about this on my blog earlier...
Looks like it's working a treat so far! WTG!

Marisa said...

Hi Raquel! I have become a follower of your blog and I have spread the word by posting on my blog about your RAK and what an awesome RAK it is too :)


Bi Medeiros said...

Hi Raquel! Are international entries valid? Please let me know, I'm from Brazil. Have a great 2011!!!

kerry said...

Hi Rquel greta new look blog i will add myself to your blog.Happy new year too take care Kerryxx

Kerry said...
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Kerry said...

Hi Raquel...

I've just become a follower too :) I {heart} your apt with everything going on too...

{sorry I deleted my earlier comment - too many typo's}
Kerry xx

Bi Medeiros said...

So I'm following your blog and have posted your RAK announcemenet on mine:

Thanks and hope you get a good bunch of followers! Love from Brazil

Lolô Artesanato said...

Hi Raquel
Happy 2011!!
I'm follower and posted in my blog (wright side) about your RAK
kisses and tks

Mary said...

Hi Raquel
I'm from Brazil and would like to participate in their lottery.
Already posted on my blog:
I also put in the sidebar.
And since I became a follower.

Kisses and happy 2011

Asas à imaginação said...

I'm from Brazil and I want to participate in this Rak...I'm your follower and I post your Rak in my blog in lateral gadget.
Happy new year!!
PS-excuse my English! bad!

Anita S said...

hi raquel! wow lovely giveaway! found this through Chantal's site.... word of mouth works n with this lovely RAK who wouldnt want to be in with a chance???
ur blog looks fab! so old charm girly, love it!!!!

Mel Nunn said...

Hi Raquel... I am ashamed to say that I was not on the follower list but I am now. I haven't been scrapping for quite some time so perhaps this lovely RAK will encourage me!

Best of luck with your exciting year ahead.

I'm still looking for a teaching position, CRT for me this year I guess!


Já me tornei sua seguidora, e divulguei a promoção na barra lateral do meu blog.

Sandra said...

Raquel, I hope you achieve all your goals for this year. I have written some scrapping goals myself, but I still didn´t translate them to English. I´ll do that soon. Thank you for the chance of winning such a nice candy!

All the best!!

meus scraps said...

Hi Raquel! Good luck with your word for the year. Are international entries valid? Please let me know, I'm from Brazil. Have a great 2011!!!
I became a follower and reposted this RAK on my blog here:


Hugs, Mariza Sales-Brasil

Simone Beniste said...

Hi Raquel!
I'm following your blog and reposted this RAK on my blog:


Cris said...

Hi Raquel!!!!
Estou seguindo o seu blog.Bjs

Ebony van der Starre said...

Hi Raquel.....I am a follower your word for this year. Still deciding on mine.
Hope to see you at another retreat this year?
Will pop your giveaway on my blog too!

Blossom inch said...

I did mine already...i am your follower.

Carla Baeta said...

Hello Rachel. I'm from Brazil. Congratulations on the blog. Take this opportunity to wish you a happy 2011. I have been following its rules for this delightful drawing. I'll cheer. See my blog with the release of his final draw:

Nic said...

New follower here... love your word for 2011 - I still haven't narrowed mine down but I'm getting there.

Reposted on


Edel said...

What a lovely candy, dear! Thanks a lot! I`m your new follower!


Tammie Moore said...

Just found you blog.... You blog looks sweet, can't wait to get reading.... God Bless
Tammie Moore

Melinda said...

Love your new look and I am a follower as well as I posted on my blog.

Love your word for 2011...its so appropriate for you! xo

Paula said...

Hi Racquel...I'm now a follower, lovely work! Good luck with your year ahead...certainly sounds like a busy one! Love your word 'embrace' :)
Brilliant giveaway, very generous!

Lisa K said...

Im now a follower and have also blogged you!! LOL
Great looking candy BTW!!!!!
It would FABULOUS on my scrap desk!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh yummy..... what a beautiful Rak !!! Im following and Ive done a blog post on my blog
Wishing you all the best with your new year word !!! Its fab. xx♥ keeping my fingers and toes crossed ;0) Cheers Tina

Jodi Dolbel said...

Looks great!!!

QueenGeek said...

Ofcourse I'm loving the RAK :) but even more I'm loving your concept of 'embrace'. Good luck with the challenges that 2011 will bring both personally and professionally - you've certainly got some mmajor ones ahead of you but nothing that you can't handle. Go well my new found friend.

Carla Baeta said...

The post about his draw at this link:
Really want to participate, should be served any rule of thumb, please tell me. Kisses

LadybugCarrie said...

Love your word for 2011! I am a new follower and can't wait to explore your blog even more!

Scrappy Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing your Great "word" for the year and for giving us so much background behind why you chose it etc. I look forward to hearing/seeing more from you. I am happy to be a new follower! Good luck with your blog! pjritsema at gmail dot com

Yvonne Russell said...

Love the word "embrace" and a great sentiment for the year. I'm a new follower and a fellow Aussie. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

Thanks for your generosity with the RAK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel :-) Love the look of ur pretty! Good luck in 2011

Elsina said...

I am a new follower! Wishing you a wonderful and creative new year!

Melx:) said...

Hey Racquel,
I am a new follower of your blog and am heading to my blog to repost this RAK!
Looking forward to see what you have in store for us!

dallasvb11 said...

Hey i am a new follower of your blog! It is beautiful...and i love your RAK idea!! Very inspiring...I discovered your blog through Mel's ME TIME blog! thanks for the lovely chance to win :)

Aga said...

Hi Raquel, your blog looks awesome and best of luck with your goals for the year! I've added a link to your fabulous RAK in the candy jar on my blog :)

KarenB said...

Your blog is looking fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Oi Raquel! Sou do Brasil e tb quero participar do sorteio já estou te seguindo e divulguei o sorteio no meu blog. Ótimo 2011 para você. Beijos.

Anonymous said...

Oi Raquel fiz um post no meu blog sobre o sorteio
Obrigada pela oportunidade e por conhecer seu blog tudo lindo aqui. Bjs

Sandra - Phartesanato said...

Congratulations on your work is beautiful and inspiring as I'm following you excuse the expressions translate my text in google.
My blog is
A hug, feel embraced.


Liva said...

Oh you have a lovely blog and I'm happy to follow it. I found out about this year word thing from you and now thinking hard for mine.
It sure would be lovely to win your wonderfull pack of googdies!

sarah said...

Was just blog hopping and stumbled upon your blog.
It is lovely. What a year you had! Congratulations on the engagement. Im a follower now (smartin3383).
Thanks for the generous RAK opportunity.

Rosa-kreattiva said...

Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
i am new follower
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moti said...

Now you have a new followerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, thank UUUUU for this giveaway!!!!
hace a nice day!!!!!


Kathie said...

I'm now a follower....maybe you would like to return the favour??? Love the colours you have chosen for you blog...looks great....btw that is a great prize...thanks for giving us the chance to win something nice!!
Interested in a retreat in August???? details posted on my blog at the end of the month or email me

Lola said...

Hi! Great candy! Thank you for the chance to win!
On my blog:
Kisses from Italy ^_^

Ceci said...

Following your blog Raquel! And I have just advertised on my blog. :)

alzearte said...

Hi Raquel,
I became a follower and reposted this RAK on my blog here:



Hello Rachel has followed the simple rules for the draw, put the photo on the sidebar of my blog.

aure said...

Noriu noriu Want wANT very very :)))

Agus :) said...

Hi Raquel! Thanks so much for the chance to win this lovely candy! I hope you can achieve all your goals in the 2011!
Im already a follower and link it to my sidebar :D
Fingers crossed!

Rachel said...

Hi Raquel, great blog you have here! Definitely signed up to become a follower and have advertised your promo on my blog here:

Roxy said...

Hi Raquel, I'm a new follower, and can't wait to see more of how you "embrace" life this year. Love the look of your blog! I've linked your RAK to my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

just became a follower, Raquel! Your new position sounds fabulous - would love to hear more! Take care, Deb xx

Ганима said...

Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy!
I'm following your blog and I put your link in my sidebar on my blog!
Have a great day,

Ukka said...

What a yummy candy!!! I have popped you in my sidebar in my blog!! Oh fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!
And i follow!
Thanks for the chance to win!

ScrapnKel said...

Hi Raquel! I became a follower and posted you on my blog! Thanks so much for offering the goodies!!

scrapinlin said...

Hi There!

I found your blog because of ScrapnKel. Am now a follower of yours as well! LOVE the word - EMBRACE! :)

Natalia-luna said...

Спасибо за шанс!

Tsky said...

I would like to participate in this give away, the gift is precious! I am a new follower and announce in my blog on my right sidebar!

Lullina said...

Hello ^^
I'm you follower now and I linked you on my blogs!

Madoka said...

I'm following you!

I posted on twitter.


Annelies said...

Great candy! I'm following and there's a link in my sidebar . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Cintia Tavares said...

Owww, Raquel, perfect RAK!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

Follower Cintia Tavares
Rak on my blog here



Rebecca said...

I'm following you!! :) Thank you for the chance!!

Dale Tiernan said...

Hiya, I'm now a follower too. Great RAK.

Mariza Sales said...

OlÁ RAQUEL,ontem estive aqui e hoje tambem, mas nao encontrei o resultado do sorteio. Ja foi realizado? Seria dia 31????
Mariza Sales

Selena said...

Very cool sweetie, thanks for the chance to win it!