New October Afternoon...yummy!

I found these sneaks of the new OA Products this morning and I am loving them! I have a thing for newsprint type papers at the moment and the ones in these collections are way cool!

Here are the sneaks taken from the OA Blog:

And the second collection:

And the last one:

Loving them heaps! Can't wait til these hit the stores here.

Well schools back so testing and correcting has taken over my life at the moment.

I taught at Chandon last night, a Valentines class. Had a lovely night and all ran very smoothly :)

I went on Sunday here

And it was brilliant.

My boys from Train, oh my gosh, they are just incredible!

Then I saw them again Monday night

I was right against the front rail and soo close to Pat it was crazy! Haha.

Had an awesome night, and want to do a whole post on that soon to share all the deets!

Need to get up and ready for school.

Not a lot planned, need to do a BIG clean up this weekend - poor house is a little neglected since I started back.

Take care

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Bi Medeiros said...

Loving your sneak posts here, Raquel! I'll check the OA blog when I have a little time... Have a happy Friday ans weekend!