Oh my things are crazy here...update and Stuck sneak

Well there are four sleeps until the big day! It has come around so quick I can hardly believe it !

Ive been MIA for a little while now as I have been trying to organise all the last minute wedding details as well as unpacking and writing school reports....my scrapping ended up taking the backseat and keeping up with scrappy deadlines has proved hard.

But ... The room is sorta unpacked, not quite all sorted and organised but unpacked nonetheless.

Heres what my new space looks like

So therefore, amongst the chaos that is life, I got to create ...

Sneaks for Stuck- December 1st...

Thanks for looking, check back on the first for full layout share :)

Take care, xxx


krcmasterpiece said...

Everything is so neat & orderly! Wonder how long that will last??!! LOL
I wish there was a way to keep everything organized.

Anonymous said...

Love the sneak and your space looks fabulous. Can't believe it's only 4 days away now!! Hope all your reports are done - it's such a relief when you get them finished. Take care and have a fabulous day on Saturday. xx

Стокли said...

You have table by the window=)
Everything really looks neat&organized.

Ebony van der Starre said...

Best of luck for your special day. You will look stunning. Hope all goes to plan xxx