Trip update ... Flight details

Well I have decided to update this blog as a way of documenting our honeymoon to the USA, rather than writing it down in a journal. It saves me doing it twice too :) The beginning.....(written in the plane thanks to Mr IPad and airplane mode and then continued in the airport) So, our bags were packed and set to go after checking them once, twice, three times or more ha. I was able to leave home and feel confident that all necessary documents were packed and that everything was booked that needed to be. Prior to leaving for the airport, for this trip both the hubby and I had not really had a chance to get excited. The last couple of months has been the end to a massive year for the both of this trip, now that it has sunk in that we are going on this exciting adventure - is one that I feel is highly needed and will be very welcomed by both of us. Stepping into that check in line made me realize 'Oh my gosh! We are really doing this!'. Going to the USA has been a place that I have always dreamed of going to, even before any of the places in Europe. I always wanted to go to New York and LA and 'see famous people'. For me the USA has always been the place I have perceived the opportunity to star spot would be high so yea! I better see some while we are away, however big or small of a star they are, haha. So for this trip to become a reality, wow! Words can not even describe how I am feeling! And I am sure the boy is just as excited too. The check in line was pretty long and due to not being sure how the traffic would be we had a bit short of a couple of hours to fill. That's was fine when you're in an airport like Tullamarine as there is always plenty to keep you occupied. I am going to try my hardest to snap as many pictures on my iPhone as I can throughout this trip to help me document what we did, what we saw and how we felt as having these thoughts down always helps me when I am reflecting on a trip later but also when I am scrapbooking trip photos. Anyways, the flight itself was ok, just long and cramped - I think because we have both not been on a big trip for like two years we had forgotten what it was like to fly a long distance. Clint slept most of the way the lucky boy however I just didn't quite have the same luck! Just wasn't going to happen so although I am at the airport now and should now be sleeping, like the boy is, I can't ...too excited, like a kid waiting for Christmas! Plus too hard to sleep sitting up in a smaller space. Anyway the following are our flight in pictures- pretty self explanatory :)

So looking forward to getting to New York and getting the last of this flight over and done with - I had thought the second leg of the flight was only like seven hours but we have worked out we will be in the air for another 11.5 hours! Arggghhh.....will be very worth it in the end though :) Another update tomorrow :) xx Photobucket


Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel, The Long & uncomfortable Flight will be worth it! I Hope you both have a ball. Looking forward to your next update. Love Aunty Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The long flight is over now & you are in New York. Enjoy New Years Eve. Going to be very hot here next 3 days. in the 30:s. Love toy ou both Grandma. xoxo.